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Christopher Imrie
Head of Technology at ORM. I live in the countryside with my lovely wife, beautiful daughter and two dogs.
Head of Technology at ORM. I live in the countryside with my lovely wife, beautiful daughter and two dogs.

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Thought I'd share the recent work I've been involved in for the new Kitkat site.

It's a fully responsive site that uses devicemotion, device orientation, canvas and a bunch of other tech to load a ball maze game the sits in between all the live content on the page.

It's super progressive too, in that it performs several checks and tests before loading the game JS in order to minimise payload and keep the site as simple as possible.

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New KitKat site includes an HTML5 canvas game that uses devicemotion events and a physics engine to simulate a real ball maze living on the page around live content.

Check it out on your smartphone!

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Has anyone spotted the new game on the mobile site? #SmartPhoneNeeded #HaveAbreak 

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Rich Content Editing entirely re-imagined

Sir Trevor is rich content editing entirely re-imagined for the web: an intuitive editor for web content which does not presuppose anything about how it will be rendered.



* No HTML is stored, only structured JSON and clean Markdown
* Trivial to extend and create your own block types
* Intuitive interface for creating rich content
* Used on a national broadcast news site serving millions of users


Tested in the following Browsers:

* Chrome 25+
* Firefox 16+
* IE 10+
* Safari 5+





Image / GitHub / Download:

The MIT License (MIT)
Animated Photo

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Every programmer sooner or later encounters time zones. This is a great summary of why you probably shouldn't write your own code to handle it. A most enjoyable ten minute tale.

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Fun HTML5 abstract visualisation I hacked up last night

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Nice site we've been working on at JWT just went live. Includes an awesome panorama UI integration!

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Titanfall beta is taking applications!

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Cute little afternoon project from Sunday: made the basics of an asteroids game.

Interesting game mechanincs when you make the bullets bounce off the edges but have the ship wrap around!

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Stunning use of Drones + GoPro camera creates an incredible surfing video 
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