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I like to emulate ZX Spectrum hardware.
I like to emulate ZX Spectrum hardware.

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Version 0.0.72 (Dingoo A320):
+ able to browse files inside zip archives
+ fixed non-ASCII chars in file open dialogs
+ .szx snapshots support
+ more .rzx replays supported (with .szx snapshots inside)
+ reset to service ROM option added
+ .fdi file format support
+ fixed crash when r/w beyond of disk image
+ memory leaks, uninitialized vars, etc. fixed
+ bugfix with opening tape files when .rzx replay working
+ files sorting in open file dialog
+ select last opened file
+ rzx replays support
+ true rom in 48k mode
+ bugfix with R register emulation when interrupt occured
+ bugfixes with snapshots loading

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Version 0.0.71 (google chrome PNaCl) - on Chrome Web Store
+ press section fixed
+ demos section works with
+ PNaCL used instead of NaCL

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Now you can watch demos from directly in browser with USP compiled to java script.

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Unreal Speccy Portable - ZX Spectrum emulator official channel.

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Hi, guys!
Good news - now you can play with iOS version on non-jailbroken devices!

There is installation instructions.
iOS version uses custom UI and OpenAL audio.
Also online sources are supported (vtrdos, rzxarchive).

What's new in version 0.0.68? Android 4.4+ immersive fullscreen mode + action bar instead of three dots old android 2 menu.

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David Knight built latest version for GCW Zero (based on 0.0.59)

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Nice Russian ZX Spectrum clone
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