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Electric Sheep
An internet-wide cyborg mind using Darwinian evolution and Mathematics to animate abstract art.
An internet-wide cyborg mind using Darwinian evolution and Mathematics to animate abstract art.

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Android App & Live Wallpaper updated: fixes in-app payments, fixes battery saver mode, adds daydream. Get it now:

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SciArt in America magazine Feb 2014 issue features a two-page spread 

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Getting some nice reviews (cut down to tweet size) of the Electric Sheep for iPad app:

Awesome ★★★★★ Thrilled that a bonafide ES app is of the most innovative long-running art projects of the last decade.

Unparalleled Beauty ★★★★★ Hands down the most beautiful living ... art out there! The next level of visual journey. Just amazing.

Magnificent ★★★★★ I have had electric sheep on my Mac for over 13 years and I am still fascinated by the colors, textures and motions. This is relaxing eye popping animation. It can mesmerize you into sleep, or meditation.

download it from

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New t-shirts designed by the Electric Sheep:

Abstract art designed by a collective of 450,000 computers and people communicating with a genetic algorithm.

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Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper and App for Android now available:

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I am recruiting a few beta testers for Electric Sheep for iPad via TestFlight.
Can you commit to keeping it a secret and giving us feedback?
Then sign up with this form. Not to be forwarded! For my circles only..
Thank you.

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only soft launched so far, a tip for insiders here:

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from the CVM:

Expanded Abstraction, our current program of contemporary work at LACMA, Los Angeles, has been extended through February 16, final extension.

This program of HD 3-screen work by Scott Draves, Robert Seidel, Baerbel Neubauer, Christina McPhee, Maura McDonnell, plus the Charles Dockum 1969 Mobilcolor Performance film, screens evenings in the central plaza, Stark Bar. You can also see the program daily 10:30-noon (except Wednesdays, museum closed), more details and specific hours are at

Read about the program on the LACMA Blog, Unframed

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LACMA finally blogged about the show that the Electric Sheep is in there. The show has been extended through the end of the month.

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The daily paper picked up the story as well:

My favorite part is the description of the work itself as "made of rose, silver and gold with a shimmering, ethereal quality; a glowing sun in the night sky, pierced with bright strands of spiraling lightning bolts; and autumn-colored mosaic tile melting on the floor of a mosque, followed by a pattern reminiscent of a raindrop spreading on the greenish surface of a deep, still pool."
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