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Megan Spears
CPO, Virtual Assistant, Mother, and Student of Life
CPO, Virtual Assistant, Mother, and Student of Life

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ATTENTION ALL PARENTS IN PORTLAND/GORGE! You must check this out - this is the list of all lists of things to do to keep the kids busy! Share with your friends!

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Summer Survival List of All Lists of Things to Do!
So, my friend Mary and I were talking earlier this month about "how we were free digital photos: stuart miles going to survive the summer..," I know a few of you moms (and dads) out there were and are feeling the same way. It's not that we don't love our ch...

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I hate cleaning. Do you?
Do people really clean their windows like this? Do you
hate to clean?  I do.  There is nothing worse than realizing that you can’t
remember the last time you cleaned the bathroom. This is why I hate to clean! I hate to
clean so much that I have raised the b...

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Save Time in 6 Easy Steps
time management can bring so much more than just an organized calendar. It can
give you the control and success for planning out your
day. If it’s organizing your closet, kitchen or schedule, you have to find a
starting point and go from there. Here ar...

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Why the fitbit can make you more productive...
The fitbit  was a popular gift this last holiday season. I know about 6 people that got one for Christmas. I didn't really understand what the big deal was, but from the sounds of things, it comes down to awareness .  That little band, strapped to your wris...

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Keep versus toss.. that is the question!
Winter is when I do my best organizing and purging. For some reason - when I'm stuck in the house on the cold winter days, I get lost in cleaning out closets, purging the pantry and most of all... tossing things we just don't use any more. I think it starte...

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I saw this in Family Fun and loved that it's simple and versatile for displaying kids art work!   #familyfun   #kidsart   #organizekidsart  
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