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extraterrestrial neighbour
extraterrestrial neighbour

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Let's f*k Apple^h #Webkit , so we can put even more our own shit^h improvements  inside.

Cloning into ' #blink '...
remote: Sending approximately 3.98 GiB ...
remote: Counting objects: 127477, done

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Now here's a clever idea: NASA funds research into 3-D printing food. Star Trek food replicators are on the way! 

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You're currently travelling at 7,000 pixels a second.
Mars 428,000 pixels away and only 53 pixels wide.

At the current state of human technology, it will take around 150 days to get to Mars.
How far away is Mars? This far.

This (as I understand the site) is at its closest approach, too. We're heading into conjunction -- that is, Earth and Mars are just about on opposite sides of the sun -- so at the moment, it's about as far away as it gets, which is a lot farther away than this!

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untranslatable but i will try (via

you square
i care
you cement
i resent

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>>Traditionally Plan 9 hasn't had a change log, and there are no "versions". We just do a "replica/pull" from time to time and see what comes in.<<

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  #golang  without a sane gui toolkit / ide is today for the kids and the students apparently a no Go.
Plan10? Someone?

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"An abandoned project has a very stable API."
+Gustavo Niemeyer 

Never thought about my projects this way :-)
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