My fellow Idle Red Hands cohost +Lyal Clough and I finally got our physical copies of 13th Age here in Japan. While reading through it, I think I finally hit upon why I like this game despite it's D&D 4e roots: many rules are expressly stated as some variation of "use common sense" or "do what makes sense for the fiction/situation".

I like that a lot. I've moved away from rules-heavy games (both as a player and as a GM) specifically because I often feel constrained by the system in "crunchy" games. I don't need rules for coup de grace attacks and other actions that should have very concrete fictional results. I like systems that get out of the way by themselves, without me having to intentionally ignore rules.
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Yeah, one of my players who also happens to be my local game store owner said it was just like 4e, but it's not, really. The class mechanics are very similar to 4e, but it's also got a large 'old-school, use your commmon sense' approach to it. Which I very much appreciate.
You know 13th Age is a unique creation when, depending on who you ask, people will insist that it's a direct successor of D&D 3.x, or of D&D 4E, or of the OSR.  I think it's a combination of all of the above, and people are focusing on certain aspects of the game when they make those comparisons.  We're getting the best of all worlds with 13th Age. ;-)
It really is the best of all worlds. My players (and I) loved some parts of 4e, and it has taken those parts, along with the best of AD&D, 3.5, etc, and made the best d20 game I have ever run/played.
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