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With these fascinating and highly regarded Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers and eLearning platforms, you can now enjoy learning interactively at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

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I'm intrigued with these apps. I want to try all of these :)

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Check out these awesome academic search engines perfect for your research journey!

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Win the boredom battle this Summer with help from this FREE printable BORED Checklist!

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Life is a one time offer #bestlifequotes  

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Hopefully your life is making some sense?
Perhaps try a good book if not:

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When I grow up I want to know that I did all the wrong things‚ for all the right reasons....

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Upon the hill the old bench sits
Alone and weathered,
Reminiscing of the late night lovers
Who sat close and held hands,
Stealing kisses under the pale moonlight
Where promises of forever were spoken
And a teary-eyed proposal was made.
Remembering the lover's tight embrace
As if nothing would dare ever separate them.
The years moved on and children visited,
Playfully chasing eachother around as the lovers sat
And looked on,
Hands still held and kisses still stolen.
The children grew and went their ways
Yet the lovers remained for
Years to come,
Visiting the bench on warm summer eve's and
Crisp fall nights,
Sitting close, his arm around her
Her head on his shoulder.
Then one rainy night, she came alone
And sat upon the bench
Her tears mingling with the raindrops
On her cheeks.
Years have passed, the lonely bench forgotten,
Left to fade away like the
Lovers once there.

-Nicole H

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Don’t let something tear you down. Allow it to help you move on to something better.
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