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Wando Wande (Crazyfish)
A crazy fish living in a mangrove paradise. Writer. Daydreamer. Professional Procrastinator.
A crazy fish living in a mangrove paradise. Writer. Daydreamer. Professional Procrastinator.


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A cover montage of 2014 literary fiction titles. 

When was the last time you received a personal handwritten letter?

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Don't you want to make him feel good?

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New Release! Only 99 cents

Lovable idiot Alex is lost in love with his straight best friend Frank. College graduation approaches, and Alex despairs of losing him forever. He hooks up with the sexy stoic Dimov, all in good meaningless fun. But unlucky for him, Dimov is a man who bites and never lets go. While Alex likes his quiet reserve, finding the courage to release his old love and take a chance is a real challenge. Just when Alex is ready to try for real love, a startling suggestion brings him back to square one of confusion and desperation. Who will shine love on Alex's blind heart?

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A missing teenage girl, a boy dying with cancer, a man clinging to life on a hospital bed .... And at the center of the spinning vortex is Yinka Peter Olubayo, who's just trying get through his week without blowing up over his ex-partner's bullshit. 

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A rather cute poster on the styles of writing.

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 A butcher can't display a carcass because it 'upsets' the children .... Our sad little world.

Need some blurb help: EDITED.

Alex would call himself a lovable idiot. Gambling and hooking up every weekend are just as important as hitting the college books or taking care of his sick mother. No one suspects that beneath the senior’s happy reckless exterior lies a secret guilt: he has been in love for eight years with his best friend, Frank.

Graduation is coming, and decisions need to be made. He wants desperately to follow Frank and his on-and-off-again girlfriend to New York. What of his sick mother? Yes, she’s prickly and grumbles about his loose ways and his blockhead best friend, but there’s no way he would drop her, especially not to chase after a straight guy. He has spent his first twenty-two years in Irvine, California, what’s another five? Besides, five more years in Irvine doesn’t look so bad when a casual hookup, the sexy stoic Dimov, calls him back for seconds.  

And just when Alex is ready to forge ahead, Dimov insinuates the unthinkable. Suddenly Alex doesn’t know whom to trust, whom to choose. One thing’s certain, do or die by graduation day, he will find the one who’ll shine love on his blind heart.  

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Hiring an editor to take a look at your MS is recommended. But are you doomed sales-wise if you skip on paid editing? To examine this, I availed myself to the data from +Hugh Howey's ongoing survey And I made myself some fancy plots. See more in this post

Here's the skinny.

55% of indies surveyed paid for editing, but only 19% relied on self-edits.  

Those who paid for editors made more money on average. Their earnings skyrocketed on the top side. Unexpectedly...

HOWEVER, on the low side of earnings, I mean here average earnings of $1000 per book, the above indies did not perform much better than those who relied on friends and family. In fact half of indies who used paid for editing made less than $1000/book in the last year, just as half of those who relied on friends and family made less than $1000/book.

Surprisingly, those who relied on critique groups seem to do no better than those who relied on self-edits. 

My conclusion: if you can't afford editing, don't sweat it. Bribe friends and family to take up the slack.  Reinvest profits back into the book for a paid editing or make your next book better. 
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