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J Quebec 300m2 Terreno 480m2
- Alto padrão
- Melhor localização - 381 mil carros por semana passam na frente
- Veja dados estatísticos no vídeo
- Segundo Jeff Bezos, fundador da Amazon, existem 3 estratégias mais importantes para o sucesso de um comércio local:
1) Localização, 2) Localização e 3) Localização.

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Just having some fun with my guitar and amp. No pretensions at all.

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Windows 8.1 RT Preview Review - My first impressions
Last Update July 17th 2h53am - Come back to check my findings and reviews updates. I'm always adding some new considerations on this post ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ...

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My 35 TOP Apps for Surface RT / Windows RT .:. Must Have Apps
Please, keep in your mind that I'm a business person and use my Surface RT primarily as a work and personal productivity tool and I'm not a gamer , therefore I listed two games in my selection. I'm NOT listing the obvious , that is, MS Office for Windows RT...

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Troubleshooting Skydrive on Windows RT 8.1 - Sync Problems
So many Windows RT and Windows users still complaining about sync problems on Skydrive after more than an year of Windows RT devices were launched. The problems are not new and Microsoft seems to be "blind" to users complaints . I'm not different to thousan...

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Facebook Video CHAT on Windows 8.1 (and Windows RT ??)
If you use Windows 8.1 and/or Windows 8.1 RT with IE 11 or Chrome, you probably have noticed that the little video icon is not shown on Facebook Chat window, so you just can't call someone with video. So many people have been complained on Forums, including...
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