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Beer festivals - a few thoughts
A few weeks ago, the Pub Curmudgeon posted an article on his
blog, entitled “Festival Fatigue”.   Four
years ago I also published an article, with an identical title, where I pursued
a similar line that beer festivals are becoming two a penny, and their app...

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Not on a school night
I wouldn’t exactly say I have led a sheltered life, so it may
come as a surprise to learn that the saying, presumably in fairly common usage, “Not on a school night” only pricked my consciousness a few years ago. The
saying is often used in the context of h...

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Greyhound romps home
Some good news to brighten up your Monday morning. The Greyhound at Charcott, which was closed back in January by owner Enterprise Inns and earmarked
for conversion to a private dwelling, re-opened for drinkers on Saturday
afternoon. Regular followers of th...

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SIBA South East Beer Festival 2017 - at Tonbridge Juddians
A festival of superlatives would be the best way to describe
this year’s SIBA South East Beer Festival , which once again was hosted
by Tonbridge Juddians Rugby Club . This was the 11 th such event and, as in previous years, the festival took place in a spa...

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It's much more than just a numbers' game.
It’s back to the " numbers theme" for this second short post
about the maxim “More is not necessarily better.” This time I want to talk
about the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), and what appears increasingly to be a
numbers game for an organisation once desc...

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More is not always better
This is the first of two separate, but inter-related
articles, both of have a number of things in common. The common theme which
runs through both is the well known principle that “more is not always better.” I would like to kick off by asking the question,...

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To Dover and the Lanes
Continuing the narrative from last Saturday’s walk along the North Down’s Way , we   were reluctant to
leave our comfortable vantage point at the Wrong Turn , but with a lengthy walk
ahead of us we decided we ought to press on. Our route took us through the...

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White Cliffs Country - and a rural micro-pub
On Saturday just gone, I caught up with my three walking
companions from the previous week for another jaunt along the North Downs Way. We weren’t continuing from where we’d
ended up the previous week, as the three of them had completed that particular

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Beer bargains at ASDA
I’ve been out walking again, undertaking another long (for
me anyway) hike, so I was out for most of Saturday. I spent today playing
catch-up on the domestic front, doing the shopping, helping with the housework
and finishing off some long overdue tasks in ...

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Brauerei Schumacher - Düsseldorf
We return for a brief while to the Rhineland ,
for a post about one of the oldest breweries in Düsseldorf , which we visited on
the last morning of our trip to the city. Brauerei Schumacher were established
in 1838 , and apart from an enforced break due to ...
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