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Idea Deathmatch
Let your ideas compete against each other and leave fragile human bodies at home
Let your ideas compete against each other and leave fragile human bodies at home


best #hocrux ever?X) #nokia

Starbey: Have a Nokia 3310 horcrux. Enjoy immortality.

How do you like some of our best usernames?:D

- Sentient Potato

- lordbanana

- 404_Not_Found

- I want to die

- Wubalubadubdub

- Dank_harabe_420_"JesusChristIt'sJasonBourne"_kony2012

- file:///C:/Users/kanz%20o%20benz/Downloads/idea%20deathmatch.htm

- Kris Karatops is the shit in year 3

- The last guy you'd expect

- ShitlersList

- blyat

and my favourite: "mcbuttbutt"

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What do you think about implementing a "add with boost"* feature?

* gives you a higher start rating


Some reported ones:

- If Hitler was Hitler today, and Hitler cloning machine You hold world hostage with Hitler Clone Hitler Unlimited Hitler

- Mexicans overthrow the US government and lynch all Trump supporters

- puppy hitler

- tasting the rainbow becomes the legal term for oral sex for homosexuals

- Allahu Akhbar!!!!!

- if you choose this option, donald trump gets killed by mexicans, jews, black people, and every other person he offended.

- kill every damn jap

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Did you miss that feature?:)

The more I think about it...

"personal shields for everyone, so that violence is pointless."

Need more time for version 0.9... my graphics card broke after 6 years of pain

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well i slightly increased the limit..

it's not only me

"Successfully perform a kamehameha while alone and never be able to repeat it"

"Get rid of the 120 word limit my ideas need to be heard! and I can't express them with these absurd restrictions."

I want to meet this guy:D
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