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The Surface looks like a great all-in-one device.I am planning on  buying one
Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) unveiled its own Windows-powered tablet computer called Surface, altering its strategy of focusing on software and relying on partners to make the machines in a renewed attempt ...
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It seems like a giant Windows phone to me. My wife really likes it, because she likes the look of Windows 8. I'm sort of indifferent about it so far.
Make sure you get the one that will run your Windows legacy software. The basic tablet won't.
+Bryce Womeldurf Aren't all tablets just giant smartphones? Sure the extra real estate allows for more flexible and functional apps, but we existed fine without them. Unlike desktops, laptops, feature phones and smartphones, tablets haven't turned our day-to-day lives upside-down. I still think modern tablets were implanted into the market just so companies would have yet one more device type to market and for consumers to fork over even more money.
I'm keen to get the non-RT version. I was going to get a Samsung slate but this is now number 1 on the list !
+Redwan Huq I would agree with that about everything but magazine reading. Sure, I can read magazines through zinio on the phone or the laptop, but it feels more natural on a tablet. I'd still rather have a physical magazine, but my wife doesn't like all the space that my collection takes up. Also, you can be the king of Draw Something, but that's not much of a selling point a just an additional feature. We also use the ipad to store and retrieve recipes. Most of it can be done on other devices, it's more a question of which device fits the activity best. I guess they have always looked like shrink down OS. They probably were implanted into the market, but I like technology enough that I don't mind.
I agree that a Windows tablet only makes sense if you can run legacy Windows software. Remains to be seen if the drive, even SSD, makes it too heavy for that function. but, the ones that are demoing are slick, slick, slick; especially with the thin touch type keyboard and the super thin kick stand that disappears into the tablet.
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