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Text that "floats" in your hangout
Text that "floats" in your hangout

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Thanks, +Sheila B. DuBois!
Glad everyone had fun.
The Fun you can have using  +Caption  by +Allen Firstenberg 

Cover me, I'm going in!

I've added a cover photo for the page, so now when you look at _Caption_'s profile, or hover over any message, you'll see a new graphic that illustrates a little more what we're about.

My thanks to +Brian Rose for making a comment that helped me debug the problems I was having, and to the crew at +Dan McDermott's show who watched me make faces during the Saturday night hangout while I was trying to get this to work the way I wanted.

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Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
I think so, Brain. But isn't it more important to play with the latest version of the Caption app?

Now you can be sure everyone knows what you're thinking... or saying... or pointing to in a hangout. The latest version of Caption makes that perfectly clear!

Seven display styles to chose from. Plenty of colors, fonts, and sizes. Lots you can do! With plenty more fun (and some serious business) yet to come.

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Beaten to the punch

Want a sneak peek at what one of the next changes for Caption was scheduled to be? Looks like +Matt Waddell has his own awesome take on what you do with captions!

We'll be incorporating a similar idea... plus a few other things.

(All I need is time! Silly thing, the clock. (Psst. That's another hint.))
Just for fun: speech & thought bubble effects in hangouts

Here's a demo app called "Say Whaat?" that I hacked together using the Hangouts API. Basically: 1) Pick a bubble style; 2) Add custom text; 3) Choose your favorite colors; and 4) Draw. Add via this link:

You can adjust the size and location of the bubble until it's right where you want it. You can also change colors/text and redraw at any time by clicking "Draw." Now, a few disclaimers before you get started:

- Everything will look backwards to you, but appear normally to everyone else. (It's a known mirroring issue, so don't worry.)

- It's a hacky demo app, not a paragon of web development :-) In other words, the extension is provided "as is," and you'll likely hit a snag or two (or three). For example: some browsers (dis)like <canvas> more than others; the "range" input type isn't universally supported, etc.

Other than that, have a good time. And if you have any favorite hangout apps, feel free to mention them in the comments!

p.s. h/t to and for making this hack a lot easier

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UI Improvement

Finally got a new release out! This features a (slightly) less confusing UI. Which means that if you're used to the old UI, you're totally lost. But fret not! There is a big question mark in the corner you can click to help guide you through things.

Stil some quirks to iron out to make things easier - and I'm always open to suggestions.

I have some new features coming soon! Can't wait!

We're on Fire!
FireFox, that is.
Caption is now available for our FireFoxFriends.

Snug and Secure

One of the most annoying bugs was the warning that this page has insecure content that would plague some users.

No more! Last night got a shiny new SSL certificate, so we're sending out bits totally securely! Which doesn't change anything, except it means you won't get that message when you start up.

My thanks to +Gene Homicki of +Objective Consulting, Inc. for his help and support in this effort.


No joke! We launched last night to a fun hangout full of people testing and experimenting with Caption. Pictures coming later today!

Don't have Caption? You can get it from anyone who is running it, or from a link on our "About" page. (Oh what the hey... you can go here too:
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