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Lydia Love
Big words turn me on.
Big words turn me on.

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May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor... America
Published 11/11/2016 So that happened. America has voluntarily chosen a leader
who is racist, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, an admitted perpetrator of
sexual assault and a fraudulent and failed business man. Not only does he
possess no political or ...

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Big Words with Lyds: Volume 2
Published 7/12/2016 If you couldn't tell from this video , I really, really care about your vocabulary guys. I'm just gonna leave this here... because knowledge is power and stuff. BIG words turn me on...

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Published 7/7/16 This is where I would usually give a disclaimer of sorts,
letting you know that my blog is usually not political, that I am not angry, ( except this one time ) and that here you will find only humorous anecdotes or videos
about my missteps ...

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Big Words with Lyds: Vol.1
Published 1/7/2016 Happy 2016 mes amies! So for anyone who doesn't already know, I'm really a fan of words. I really, really, really enjoy the English language. Here are some words, from me to you... If you have any words that you'd like me to define or a s...

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Big words turn me on!

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Best Day Ever... As Told by an Angeleno
Published 10/27/2015 Hollywood is known to attract and retain a certain type of
person. Natives would say the best kind. What would such a person do on the best
possible version of their infinitely sunny day? 6:15 AM. Blender is extra strong today- this kal...

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Goodnight Sweet Prince.... A Farewell to my Blackberry
Published 10/19/2015 The time finally came for me to get a new phone.  I have a lot of strong feelings about that... Blackberry Bold 9930 2012-2015 May you rest in peace my friend. Follow me if your dare: https://instagram...
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