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Liverpool researchers create 'contagious' WiFi virus Researchers have created a computer virus that spreads like the common cold
Researchers at the University of Liverpool have demonstrated that WiFi
networks can be infected with a virus that can move through densely
populated areas as efficiently as the common cold spreads between humans. The team designed and simulated an att...

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BlackBerry Tries to Bring Back That Lovin' Feelin'
Having let the parade pass it by, BlackBerry first tried to reinvent
itself. That went over like a lead balloon. Now, with its customers and
prospects dwindling, BlackBerry is backtracking, trying to restore the
things people used to love about its produ...

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Facebook Launches Ferry Service for Employees
Facebook has become the latest San Francisco Bay Area technology company to launch ferry service for its employees. The San Francisco Chronicle reports ( the social
networking giant began chartering a 30-person water taxi Feb. 4 to ta...

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What do you think about this bizzarre list of genders?

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Here’s a List of 58 Gender Options for Facebook Users
Facebook introduced dozens of options for users to identify their
gender today – and although the social media giant said it would not be
releasing a comprehensive list, ABC News has found at least 58 so far. Previously, users had to identify themselves a...

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Facebook Users, Others React to Gender Options
Facebook announced Thursday that its 159 million U.S. users now have
dozens of options for completing the gender question on their profiles.
The social media giant has been working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and
transgender rights groups to expand the c...

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In new profile feature, Facebook offers choices for gender identity
A portrait of the Facebook logo in Ventura, California December 21, 2013.  For the first time, Facebook Inc is letting users of its online social network identify themselves as a gender other than male and female. The basic user profile
for members in the ...

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Hackers used previously unknown Internet Explorer flaw in new attacks
A previously
unknown flaw in a recent version of Microsoft Corp's Internet Explorer
web browser is being used to attack Internet users, including some
visitors to a major site for U.S. military veterans, researchers said
Thursday. Security firm FireEye ...

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Microsoft Windows 8 lags predecessor in first-year sales
(Reuters) -
Microsoft Corp's Windows 8 system has racked up more than 200 million
license sales since its launch 15 months ago, according to Tami Reller,
its head of marketing , lagging Windows 7 which sold 240 million within its first year. The latest W...

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Is Microsoft rethinking its decision to build Office for iPad? Comments from the company's marketing chief suggest Microsoft may be having second thoughts
In appearances in September and October, Steve Ballmer said Microsoft
would build native Office editions for iPads and Android tablets, but
the company's marketing chief spoke with much less certainty when asked
about this on Thursday. At the Goldman Sac...
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