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Do we trust our processes so much that we miss the obvious? #itsm

How categorization can help you decipher your IT services #ITSM

New Blog - I don't have IT services so what should i do with my IT Service Catalog?

If I were to choose two of all the conferences covering ITSM within the next 6 months. Which two would you recommend me to attend?

When starting a big organizational change program where the intention is to move the organization towards ITSM. What are the 5 must and the 5 don't? Advice please. I know it is more complex than that but keep it fundamental and what you think is obvious :)

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I'm trying to gather some good KPI's specifically for incident, change and problem. I know the normal once in the books and the once you find by googling. I'm trying to get them preferably for effectiveness. My focus right now is not efficiency or compliance.

Examples of effectiveness for incident: Restore service/functionality to operational state:
- % cases with unknown/changed urgency
- % cases with unknown/changed impact
- % cases that is escalated
- % cases that are reopened

As you can see I focus on parts that significantly increases my ability to achieve the desired outcome.

What's your thoughts about this? Please provide examples, it would be much appreciated.

Here is a layout of some suggestions for guidelines for rating/survey in the UI

It is a great idea. I have had the similar thoughts for a while now. I have even started to write some guidelines, what do you think of these?

- Ask for only one rating response in each session or wizard.
- Any rating response should be pre-prepared or demand as little action as possible to perform.
- If additional information is desired it should be optional where default is "not to participate" without any additional activity.
- Question should always be embedded in existing actions as an alternative where no additional actions are required.
- Where ever possible, one alternative should be "No rating".
- Rating should never interfere with normal "flow" unless action to do so is performed.
- If possible apply random application where rating is not performed every time.
- rating should only be presented in a simple UI where layout is clean.

I don't know whether this the place for it or not but considering the level of knowledge of the members in this group I could not think of a better place to ask for help. In my mind the shared knowledge of this group is "crème de la crème" of service management.

Question: I'm looking for a mentor or a mentor program for service management. How does one proceed with something this? Do you know of any mentor program or even considering being one yourself? Do you have any suggestions or any pointers for me? that would be very appreciated.
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