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One thing that links all pyramid complexes is #archaeoastronomy. The relation of pyramids to the equinoxes in relation to Giza tells of a people who emerged from a land where this was important for agricultural reasons. While Stonehenge might get the attention, Giza is a greater mystery by far! 

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The Great Pyramid is somehow a 'Triple System' which is most fascinating. #Orion_Correlation We have three large pyramids, and three small on both Menkaura and Khufu. Why? Find out in the monumental "In Search of the Origin of Pyramids". Available on Amazon.

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This is possibly one of the most comprehensive Ancient Egyptian Spell Books Around. As an example of some of the interesting #Ancient_Egyptian_Spells
consider the potions possibly used by Cleopatra to charm Caesar! (WARNING: Do not try at home!) Check out our FIVE STAR-reviewed book!

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