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On May 6th 1965... 50 Years Ago... Keith Richards completed the opening riff to "Satsifaction".
He couldn't sleep the night before because there's a riff running around in his head that he can't figure out (a common problem for guitarists). So he tinkers around with his new Gibson Fuzz Box and starts a tape rolling. In the morning he wakes up and plays the tape back... and there's the opener for one of the greatest rock songs that has ever been recorded.

Also on the tape? The sounds of Keith snoring.

Fifty years from now, this song, #2 on Rolling Stone's Top 500 of All-Time, will still be one of the best ever.

"It sounded like a folk song when we first started working on it and Keith didn't like it much, he didn't want it to be a single, he didn't think it would do very well. I think Keith thought it was a bit basic. I don't think he really listened to it properly. He was too close to it and just felt it was a silly kind of riff." Mick Jagger

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Be still my heart and my taste buds...

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Transitioning from Standard Gmail to Inbox by Gmail

"The purpose of this article is to help Gmail users create a mental-map for the transition from Gmail to Inbox by Gmail as well as understand how some common Gmail actions translate to actions in Inbox by Gmail.

The first thing to understand about the new Inbox by Gmail (or just Inbox) is that it is not just a new user-interface slapped on top of the old Gmail. It is a completely different way to manage one's e-mail account. It is not intended to be equivalent to Gmail. It is simpler, with less configurable options, and provides a more consistent look-and-feel across all supported browsers and mobile devices. But it also maintains the core functionality needed by an e-mail client.

People will tend to either love it, or hate it. And that's OK because Inbox by Gmail is not a replacement for Gmail. You are free to use it, or not..."

Learn more:

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Unbuilt freeways were planned in what are today some of L.A.’s most congested areas. The Beverly Hills Freeway was supposed to connect the 101 and 405 freeways along Santa Monica Boulevard and Melrose Avenue. Another freeway was supposed to run alongside La Cienega Boulevard, La Brea and Highland avenues, connecting LAX to the Hollywood Bowl. Routes were also planned following Pacific Coast Highway and train tracks that would have connected Manhattan Beach to the 405.

So what caused the era of the new freeway to end in L.A.? +Rong-Gong Lin II explains:
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"Gandalf gets very passionate about education."

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Is Apple finally realizing they don't need to reinvent television?

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