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Roy True
I play guitar and enjoy testing apps on my Android phone.
I play guitar and enjoy testing apps on my Android phone.
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RoboCop is better than real cop

Cloud hq

They offer a limited free plan that will let you run one sync pair with the sync limited to 50 files. Paid plans start at $4.90/month or $49.00/year and offer more sync options. They list the following cloud storage and services to sync between but some are only available in the paid plans:

Google Drive
Evernote Business
They do offer a 15 day trial of their Premium plan when you first sign up. They also offer a referral plan. If you can get 10 referrals you can get a Premium plan free for life.

How to Make Quick Links in Gmail Work on Android Phone

I did not find anything on enabling the Quick Links (saved searches you use over and over) labs feature for desktop gmail when using gmail on your android smartphone. I also did not find an alternate email client for Android that has something similar to Quick Links. So here is a work around:
1. Open Chrome and go to
2. Login to your gmail account
3. Click Search
4. Type the text of your Quick Link for example (without quotes) "Alert in:inbox" or "Ifttt in:inbox"
5. Tap the menu key
6. Choose  Save to Home Screen
7. (Optional) Move all your saved searches to a folder called "Quick Links" 
8. Repeat the above steps for each quick link saved gmail search

Now, when you tap the shortcut on the smartphone screen, your saved search comes up with your current email inbox. 

Note: To make typing the searches (which may contain long complicated email addresses and quoted language) on the  smartphone easier, I used an OTG USB cable to connect a keyboard and mouse to my smartphone. You only need this when typing the search the first time.

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YouTube debuts royalty-free music library, get your free tunes right here

#lighting  What is the best way to prevent reflection off of glasses (spectacles). I notice that Iyaz's spectacles do not reflect much of the light.

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Here is my new app idea. You upload photos to the online fashion community to get feedback on your outfits. The app is called Does This Make Me Look Fat? There will be an in-app purchase called Does This Make My Butt Look Big? Let me know what you think!

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This is an awesome app. You call a number. When they put you on hold you press two keys to call up "Lucy." Then you hang up. Lucy waits in the hold queue for you. This saves your cell phone minutes. Then when the company picks up the phone Lucy introduces you to the agent and rings your phone. You pick up the phone and start talking. I cannot wait to use this on Medicare. They have put me on hold for 2 hours before. For iPhone and Android.
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