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Jack Blackburn
Actor. Writer. Occasional Bore.
Actor. Writer. Occasional Bore.

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The Crescent Moon is Absent as the Sun Sets - Thoughts From Istanbul
I wish I could have got a better photo of the moonrise that night. It came up over the Bosphorus, blood red; mirroring the colours of the western sky as the sun died away. A beautiful end to a beautiful day. I had just returned from my first trip into the c...

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Films of 2015
Given that it is the end of the year, and it is the season of self-indulgence, and I like writing lists, I have written a Films of 2015 list. This is not a list of what I think to be the undisputedly "Best" films of the year (I haven't seen nearly enough fi...

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NByNW Diary: Bidding Process to host EU Referendum Result "Mired in Secrecy"
10 th December Manchester has the won the not-so-much coveted right to host
the result of the EU referendum. The Electoral Commission
announced the news this morning , but have attracted criticism for not
holding a formal bidding process and there are even ...

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NByNW Diary: Statement on Preventing Donald's Immigrating
Tuesday 8 th December North by N. Westminster is calling for a total and complete
shutdown on people called Donald entering the United Kingdom until our
representatives can figure out what the hell is going. According to the weary
anger on social media, the...

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NByNW Diary: UKIP's Implications Leave us Little Room to Infer
Friday 4 th December 1.00am In the end, it wasn’t a catastrophe for Labour. Not even
close. Jim McMahon held Michael Meacher's long-held seat of Oldham West and Royton comfortably with a majority of 10,811
(given the reduction in turnout, that’s broadly the...

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NByNW Diary: Hilary Benn's Mysterious Phone Call
Thursday 3 rd December Thursday 3rd December 6.00am Hilary Benn wakes up. Same time as he does every day.
Nothing feels any different from any other day. 6.01am Hilary Benn’s phone rings. He answers “Hampsted 001138, Benn Household, Mr Benn speaking.” “Is i...

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NByNW Diary: Benn Steals the Day by Opposing a Bennite
Wednesday 2 nd December It has been the sort of day which
encapsulates the best and worst of our democracy. The best in that the most
important issue of all – the matter of war and peace – was openly discussed in
great depth and at great length. The worst i...
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