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Matson Breakey
Serial Entrepreneur Trapped in a Salesman's Body
Serial Entrepreneur Trapped in a Salesman's Body

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Gotta love new gadgets... especially one that is all-in-one... I call this my ZEN tool. 

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Just some pics of Cloakworks over the last year. 
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Hire your ripples...s
Today I made a ripple. A ripple? Yep, a ripple. If you can make a ripple every day, you've done something right. Right? What was my ripple? I hired someone to be a part of my team at Metalcloak. It was a great hire and he will benefit us for years to come. ...

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The Challenge has just begun... Day 7 #YourTurnChallenge
It's day 7.  It's been good to accept a challenge. Whether it's lose 30 lbs in 30 days or write 7 blog posts in 7 days... accepting a challenge is a pretty good way of getting things done.  The 7 Day Your Turn Challenge is over. I've written 7 blog posts is...

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Why the #YourTurnChallenge is a #Fail
Spent the day wheeling. But I am not writing about that. Maybe tomorrow. One lesson I've learned from the 7 Day Your Turn Challenge is that blogging has no parameters.  Some of the posts on this blog are long diatribes of rubbish. Some are incredibly insigh...

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Very Strange Dreams Indeed... Day 5 #YourTurnChallenge
It's Friday night. And I am blogging.  Is that a good, or a bad, thing? Not sure... just finished watching LUCY.  Very strange pic. Very. Enjoyable. In a ... wow, someone actually thought of all this, sort of way. I think I shall have very strange dreams. G...

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It's A Merger Kind of Thing... Day 4 #YourTurnChallenge
Inspiration for ideas and action comes from interesting places.  The 7 Day Your Turn Challenge has had its moment of inspiration for me... it wasn't just about blogging again after many moons of being absent from the medium, it was about how I was to blog. ...

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Okay, lets talk poly-ticks… Day 3 #YourTurnChallenge
Old Joke. What is the origin of the word Politics? Poly = multiple. Ticks = bloodsuckers. No matter the side of the ideological spectrum you reside, politicians all seem to be made of the same cloth. Each wants to be a part of a larger organization that (1)...

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The Fear of Hitting Submit… #Day_3 #YourTurnChallenge
(reposted from the 7 Day Your Turn Challenge Blog .) So, here we are on day two of the challenge. And I already failed. Yeah, I got it done yesterday. It “shipped” - but it sucked too.  You see, I was adding another link to my blog post when I hit submit in...

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Your Turn Challenge Blog. Day 1. #Submission #YourTurnChallenge
By: Matson Breakey Blogging is not new and it's not new to me. No. I've had my moments. There is the " My 4 Hour Body " followed by " Matsonian's Rants " or the too hard to handle " Public Shootings " blog.  And that's not all. Matsonian's Idea Factory . Di...
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