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I'm pretty excited by some of the stuff I see in rust (hoping it turns into some heavenly haskell/golang hybrid) but the "Chaining function calls" example here ( is insane. I am stunned that it can't infer a temporary variable.

I was waiting for rustfmt and decently stable tokio libs but now I'm adding "user-friendly borrow checker" to the list.

A recent rust conference keynote had some good examples of making the language friendlier by adding stuff like "infer the user meant address-of A", etc. I hope those make it into the language soon.

Right now the ergonomics seem really bad.

so many hoops.

Looking forward to the next few releases, I'll check back when this stuff has been fixed. There's so much rust code that's going to end up looking really clunky from one day to the next when a much more intelligent borrow checker is released. It's going to put the golang `os.Error -> error` rename to shame.

CSV is easy! Or ... maybe not...From the pandas docs:

pandas.read_csv(filepath_or_buffer, sep=', ', delimiter=None, header='infer', names=None, index_col=None, usecols=None, squeeze=False, prefix=None, mangle_dupe_cols=True, dtype=None, engine=None, converters=None, true_values=None, false_values=None, skipinitialspace=False, skiprows=None, nrows=None, na_values=None, keep_default_na=True, na_filter=True, verbose=False, skip_blank_lines=True, parse_dates=False, infer_datetime_format=False, keep_date_col=False, date_parser=None, dayfirst=False, iterator=False, chunksize=None, compression='infer', thousands=None, decimal='.', lineterminator=None, quotechar='"', quoting=0, escapechar=None, comment=None, encoding=None, dialect=None, tupleize_cols=False, error_bad_lines=True, warn_bad_lines=True, skipfooter=0, skip_footer=0, doublequote=True, delim_whitespace=False, as_recarray=False, compact_ints=False, use_unsigned=False, low_memory=True, buffer_lines=None, memory_map=False, float_precision=None)

A colleague of mine is blind - he has an 80-character braille display - this is a strong reason in favour of limiting lines of source code to 80 characters

can't wait for go1.7.

I'm obviously stoked for the shitload of performance improvements (compiler speed as well as dramatic runtime improvements in our preliminary testing) but I'm mainly looking forward to the golang-checkins floodgates opening again.

It's been quiet, too quiet ... I suspect a bunch of very cool shit is going to land the moment the release is minted. I'm especially interested in Rick's new ROC GC: it feels like a simple generational collector that heeds the typical language workload (ie. goroutine per request/response.)

I'm also looking forward to some more advances in the brave new SSA-backed compiler world.

Aaaand I'm back to using emacs

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I love geeks, the funny way they say the weirdest shit! And i feel 100% at home. Watched the alphago game on a friend's phone and everyone around knew about the game and had opinions on the limits of deep neural nets, etc. Best job, great hobby and kickass people. Lekke!

This morning another nugget from Rob Pike:

Hardware has stopped getting faster. Software has not stopped getting slower.


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For the first time in the 4 years since I've switched from building web apps in ruby to distributed systems in golang I'm looking forward to building a web front-end.

Elm looks like an awesome gateway drug to get my colleagues hooked on Haskell. For me it looks like a great way to bring Haskell into my work place.

Lastly, yay for maintainable web guis!

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my secret passion: knots!
I thoroughly enjoyed this very accessible talk by Kay Ye. Even if you know nothing about mathematics but just wonder what they do for fun, watch it!
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