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Want to know what other people have said about the clas on Tuesday, then just visit the testimonials page.
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New hatha yoga class on Thursday in Crewe

Body Mind & Beyond is a hatha yoga class for anyone interested in a more active and challenging yoga class than the one on Tuesday. The emphasis is on empowering students. Developing confidence and progression. Suitable for anyone from beginner to intermediate level and beyond. Proven in my own practice and around the world time and again, with regular sustained practice, progress is a given. The format of the class leads naturally to a home practice or cultivation of an existing home practice for those interested.
Starting with hatha yoga postures, we then explore the breath with pranayama, meditate and finish with relaxation. Class starts at 19:30 for 90 minutes on Thursday as scheduled in the diary below. Om, and other aspects of the yoga tradition, philosophy and texts are integrated as appropriate for a class situation. Bandhas, drishti, mudras, and pranayama are essential aspects.
New students are advised to arrive about 5-15 minutes early to introduce themselves so the class can start on time.
Located at the Ministry of Yoga in Crewe, ASH-TEC House, 277 Walthall Street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 7LE. Just behind the Pizza Hut (Nantwich Road) opposite ALDI.
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