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Why Preschool Is a Crucial Stage for Learning

It has been a common agreement among many that preschool is a ripe age for learning. Almost all kids are sent to school once they reach their preschool years. What usually happens in preschool? What makes it a crucial stage?

1. Preschool Builds Foundations

During this stage, there can be so many teachings pupils might be experiencing for the first time. These have something to do with the basics, which are all foundational to education and life as a whole. For instance, kids are taught of the alphabet, letter sounds, basic counting, colors, and courteousness.

2. Preschool Shows Hunger for Learning

Preschool is just one stage that shows children’s innocence that they tend to imitate whatever is modeled before them – good or bad. It is a time of feeding the mind which philosophers call “tabula rasa” – a blank slate beginning birth. Preschoolers are hungry for learning, and whatever will be taught will become a part of their system even as they grow up.

At Little Believer’s Academy, we are eager to instill right learning in the mind of every child. Visit
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We Guarantee Your Child's Unique Benefits

Little Believer’s Academy offers unique benefits for our young learners. These include:

- Christian-based teachings and moralities

- Cleanliness prioritized

- Caring, loving, trained and skilled staff

- Curriculum that offers S.T.E.M.

- Commodious facility

Send your child to us and marvel at these benefits! Call us today at 919-359-8939.

#Benefits #ChildLearning
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See Your Child Nurtured Superbly

Little Believer’s Academy is the only preschool in Clayton that offers S.T.E.M. to take learning to the next level. Founded by biblical teachings, your child can be nurtured well with us! Call now at 919-359-8939 and make arrangements for your child's bright tomorrow.

#nurtured #biblicalteachings
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Things that Motivate a Child to Learn

Every individual has a respective motivation for learning. For early childhood education, the motivation to learn is more often than not built on the following:

1. Fun Learning Activities

Children learn their age, and that means incorporating fun plays and enjoyable activities whenever a lesson is being delivered. Children also only have a short attention span, which makes fun learning activities catchy for young learners.

2. Secure Environment

A secure environment promotes a child’s health, gives ease, and raises the interest and confidence to explore as a learner.

3. Loving Educators

Loving educators boost children’s confidence, comfort, and self-esteem, which then encourages them to look forward to learning every day.

4. Supportive Parents

Parents who are supportive continue to cheer up their children, and grant them permission for explorations and exposures. Children who have these parents can be highly motivated to learn.

Little Believer’s Academy is the one daycare center in the area that keeps every child motivated to learn. Make inquiries as to how your child can be enrolled in our center! You can call us at these numbers: (Clayton) 919-359-8939; (Holman St. Garner) 919-720-4773.
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Do you want to know more about our services? Listen to what other parents have to say about their experience at the Little Believer’s Academy. Visit our website at and proceed to the testimonials page.

#daycare #testimonials
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5 More Ideas for Celebrating Christmas with your Kids

Are you celebrating Christmas with your kids? Then make your celebration unforgettable. It’s not about how expensive or lavish the preparations are. It’s more on how loved and cherished they feel. In most cases, kids can’t even remember what food they ate, but they will definitely remember what you did together.

Here are event ideas you can hold with children this holiday season.

• Christmas party with less fortunate kids
This exposure opens them to an opportunity to extend help.

• Christmas get together with grandparents and relatives
This gathering allows them to enjoy and appreciate the sense of family.

• Christmas preparation in the kitchen
Let them assist in small preparations to impart responsibility.

• Christmas games
Pick the game that people of all ages can participate in.

• Christmas bedtime story
Gather together on the bed and share a bedtime story.

All of us at Little Believer’s Academy pray and hope that you’ll have a truly meaningful celebration of Christmas. If there’s anything you would like to know about the way we teach and assist your kids’ learning, don’t hesitate to call us at 919-359-8939. #children #Christmas #ideas
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What is Your Child Learning about Christmas?

The values of the Christmas spirit should be inculcated to children at their tender age. What they could learn will equip them into adulthood that is more loving and self-giving. At Little Believer’s Academy, we believe that children should be taught lessons with eternal value. We’d love to answer your questions about our curriculum. Call us at 919-359-8939.

#ChildLearning #Christmas
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Christmas Opportunity to Teach Quality Education
Every kid should learn to socialize. Christmas is an opportunity to achieve that. At Little Believer’s Academy, we’ll engage your children to a life of quality friendships, education, and spiritual experience. Ask us about our center at 919-359-8939.
#Christmas #education
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The Top 5 Strategies to Keep a Child’s Attention

If you have a child, you know that giving them instructions can be quite a challenge. They are easily distracted. They simply want to play, and they want to gratify their wants first. But if you’re able to get and keep their attention, you can impart to them life lessons they would remember for a lifetime.

Here are strategies to use in capturing a child’s short attention span:

• Sing songs with actions to capture their focus.
• Use stories and images when relaying your lessons.
• Use colors in the room or in their activities to attract them.
• Ask them simple questions one at a time.
• Ensure that they are given rewards for every good performance.

Parents can use these strategies to teach the child about proper grooming, appreciating family, and even household chores. When a child is properly trained, the parents will be greatly rewarded in adulthood.

At Little Believer’s Academy, it is our desire that your child will grow up to become individuals who honor their parents. We’d love to discuss with you more about what we can offer your children. Contact us at 919-359-8939.

#ChildTips #Parenting
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Children can Imitate the Words They Hear

Be careful of your words when a child is with you. Children can easily absorb ideas. What they often hear is what they’re bound to say. Let us help you train your child in a better and loving way. Refer your kids to us at Little Believer’s Academy. For inquiries, don’t hesitate to call us at 919-359-8939.

#children #training #daycare
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