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Teresa Rosche Ott
Web site design & development for small businesses & other entrepreneurs. WordPress is my specialty.
Web site design & development for small businesses & other entrepreneurs. WordPress is my specialty.

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How to self-publish your book without going insane? Pressbooks. See how I did it & get 25% off.

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Really curious about what Canva is doing with Canva for Work. Just got on the waiting list, so hopefully I'll soon find out.

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I brought in a piece I'd put off framing for years - 17 years - because I knew it was going to be expensive. It was somewhat of a complicated job because it required a shadowbox, and I was nervous about trusting the job to whomever might be behind the counter at the local chain store that does framing.

When Tuoia first opened, I visited and had a look around. The shop is also a gallery with originals and prints for sale, as well as handmade items like quilts and pillows. It is a lot more than a frame shop, but the framing I saw on display was absolutely perfect.

One of the owners is an artist and master framer. Not sure what "master framer" means in the industry, but she really was a master at helping me pick out the best mats and frames for my piece. I knew when I first visited that my piece would be in good hands, but when I returned to pick it up, it took my breath away. It was that impressive. It would be safe to say that the owner is a perfectionist.

If it was a work of art I'd had framed it would have added to the value, I'm sure. But it is a personal item, of value mainly to me. It felt great to finally show it the love and respect it deserved.

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This is telling but not surprising. The declining number of searches for 'website designer' is likely a result of a combination of factors, IMO the two biggest ones being a faltering and/or stagnant economy over the last several years and better DIY options for non-coders.

Based on my observations, the trend away from concerns about having a designer involved in building a site has resulted in a lot of poorly-designed sites coming online. I am referring to aesthetics as well as usability and information design. While there's an obvious downside to running a business with a bad website, there's an awesome potential upside if you're the competition!

I helped a friend on a project and she uploaded a header using WP's custom header feature. Because I wanted to do some different things with the header for mobile devices, I deleted the header image. But one can't simply remove the header image and be done with it, apparently. I had to go to the media library and delete the file.

Even after doing that, inline (ugh) CSS is still being inserted for the #header  background, albeit without a url for the image:

<style type="text/css">#header { background: url() no-repeat; }</style>

So when I properly specify a background for the header in the style sheet the specified image is displayed, because this declaration includes no image. But when I try to declare no background for the header in my mobile styles, it's overridden because of the empty declaration and the previously specified image.

This isn't my site. It isn't even my client. For peace of mind and future reference, can anyone tell me how to remove the %$#*@! inline CSS and leave the custom header capability in place in case the client later decides to use the feature?

Can anyone share experiences/thoughts on working with a client who'll use an iPad to maintain her new WordPress site?

The client is older and as simple as the iPad seems to me, it is a stretch for her. But she is managing to add text to pages I've set up. She is a great client and I have the patience to work with her limitations as long as she is willing to work to learn a process. But if it's more than a few steps, I lose her.

I think an app like Blogsy might be helpful but I've only got the demo videos to go by. Has anyone used it or another app they think would be helpful for my client?

My other specific area of concern is images. The iPad is locked down with regard to onboard storage, so it seems as though I'd need to either have her use the iPad camera (about which I've heard mixed reviews) or force her into - and try to instruct her about - a third-party service like Picasa.

The client takes most of her photos with her iPhone. I've heard mixed things about the iPad camera, but using it would probably be easier.

Input on a process to get her from image capture to accessing them with the iPad to add them to a post would be greatly appreciated.

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Useful. Even though Google fonts are the awesome sauce, sometimes you want to keep it simple.
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