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My 2c on the current sale.

So SHADOW OF THE DEMON LORD on bundle of holding. Anyone can tell me if the "Bonus Collection" is worth buying? I'm not that interested in adventures, but if they are good... and what about the monster manual?

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So, Charisma might be a bit of a problem...

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Alignment languages. No, I never discussed this before. Why do you ask? ;)

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My version of B12. All the equipment you need in one page.

TL;DR: everything costs $5 and weights 1. It checks out, people.

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Already have everything, but would recommend it to anyone... Even if you don't play GURPS (and I don't, these days), this stuff is incredibly useful. Thaumatology is one of the best magic books ever.
Steve Jackson Games has put a whole bunch of books on a bundle sale. If you order the CreateSpace reprint bundle for just over $200, you also get a copy each of the hardcover version of the Basic Set: Characters and Campaigns. That’s 10 books for $215.…

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Trying to rewrite B/X one page at a time. Here is B8.

My goal: to build a Frankenstein monster of a book, with pages from many different OSR authors; one that you can arrange yourself, according to your tastes, for maximum fun. A thing that physically represents that this are guidelines, not rules – like I once read in that wonderful book – and that is up to you to build your game.
I hope that by writing my own pages I can convince more people to do the same and build the first crowdsourced, but still very authorial version of this game we all love.

Here is the reasoning behind it (or just get the PDF below).

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One page hack - skills. Inspired by a single page on Moldvay (B8).

Explanation here:
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