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In which I try to be a spark of optimism in these dark times
not very gameable, really
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Here is how I write awesome RPG. If you follow these rules, I'm sure you''ll get similar results.

1) Start with a cool idea.
2) Turn it into a great project: inside your head, make it as perfect and complex as you want.
3) Start writing.
4) Be amused by your own work. "That's cool"!
5) Start putting some structure in your writing, so people other than you might enjoy it.
6) If you realize your ideas do not quite fit in the proposed structure, try a few different structures, or change the nature of your project.
7) Keep working! Come up with more ideas to complete in your book, fitting them in the structure you came up with mid-project.
8) Realize you don't actually enough material to fill all the proposed spaces.
9) Consider your life choices: why put that much work in something that will give you no money, recognition or internet karma.
10) Do not let this bring you down! When you reach about 50% completion, start a new project to shake things up.
11) Repeat step 1. Never look back on abandoned projects.
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I am happy I can refrain from speaking politics online. What makes me sad is that I actually write these long responses before remembering that I shouldn't engage with these silly arguments.

If I could erase all this inconsequential RPG drama from my mind it would be even better.
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I give up. Its become impossible for me not to enjoy Goblin Slayer.

Someone described it as "inverse of Tucker's Kobolds", how can I say no to that. Despite all the edginess, its pretty fun. Hope it maintains the pace.

+Jacob Hurst you were right.
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WTF happened to WESTERN ADULT FANTASY/WEIRD ANIMATION? Sure, you may say Heavy Metal or Ralph Bashki stuff isn't that awesome (you heretic!) but where is all the modern stuff done with brave new tech? Where is the awesome vistas that a modern version of "The Wall" weirdness could bring us? Has everything become anime, is it just nostalgia or am I out of the loop?
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Silly idea of the day: write "DUNGEON CRAWL BASICS", my second reaction to DCC being so awesome yet so big (my first reaction being Dark Fantasy Basic).
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Random tables for D&D celestials
Celestial Creation
Celestial Creation
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Just bought GURPS DF (on sale now). First page: a list of skills. More than 100 in a single page.I love GURPS, but I guess I'm not returning anytime soon.
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Flash Sale (US$ 1.70)
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More good news (that I've missed somehow)
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