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fried risotto
confession: I have to google a lot of these fancy names so I'm not calling things 'fried risotto' or 'pasta with _'. risotto doesn't exactly heat up well, unless you crank up the heat and fry it. then it's good. quick and dirty arancini olive oil leftover...

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Margherita Risotto
bought a bunch of arborio rice just for kicks, since I've now got time to spare. risotto is an odd animal, creamy, rich, and very labor intensive. except it wasn't that hard to make. I know mushrooms are the normal thing for this, but I dont like mushrooms,...

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spicy cheese bread
make no mistake, this isn't real bread. I dont know how to do that yeast stuff, and by the time I realize I want to have a snack, I don't want to wait for it to rise. So here's a variant on the traditional quick bread. one 9x5 pan of spicy cheese bread 3 cu...

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this weather doe what happens when trying new things when I'm trying to seduce my boyfriend when I bake

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lemon garlic pasta
too cold to go to the store, have no meat, hungry 1 big bowl of lemon-garlic pasta 1 egg yolk splash of ginger ale salt pepper rosemary cayenne parmesan cheese 2-3 tblsp lemon juice 5 cloves garlic 1/2 shallot cook pasta, save 1/3 cup water beat egg yolk in...

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pink alfredo
no intro necessary it's heavy though 2 bowls of pink alfredo pasta with chicken 1/2 chicken breast  1tblsp tomato paste lots of parmesan cheese 1/3 cup heavy cream 4 cloves garlic 1/2 shallot salt pepper rosemary cayenne cook your chicken however you want, ...

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mmm potato
because of our upcoming camping trip, I'm trying to figure out food I can either make beforehand and freeze to eat at camp, or foods that are super basic and easy that I can make at the site. first on the list, potato soup. I'm not a big soup person, but it...

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"the only things you're supposed to have in your fridge is alcohol and water, right?"

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street potatoes
made a bunch of potatoes au gratin the other day, now I get to repurpose them! one pan street-style food, super yummy, and uses whatever you have on hand 1 portion of street potatoes with chicken (and pita) 1 thinly sliced chicken breast 1 giant clove of ga...

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how I feel when I'm bulking when someone asks me if I cook what I'm doing instead of homework   realizing there's no beer
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