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PRISE App – Secure File Storage in the Cloud
PRISE App – Secure File Storage in the Cloud

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PRISE 1.2.2 now also works as PGP decryption engine: pass PGP files through the "Open In..." function from other Apps, let PRISE perform the decryption and open it in yet another app for view. 

Example: synchronize a GPG encrypted PDF file to your iDevice with the App Documents by Readdle for offline availability. When you want to access the encrypted content, tap on the file in Documents, tap on "Open In.." and select PRISE. There, you will be prompted for the password and after successful decryption, PRISE will offer the file to be opened in Adobe Reader or Apple iBooks, if installed. 
Be cautious however, that App that display your unencrypted files may keep copies to themselves and forensic experts might still be able to retrieve those files even if you have deleted them.
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PRISE 1.2.1 has been released!

Most importantly, the new release adds support for secure file storage in Microsoft SkyDrive. Featuring between 7 and 25 GB free space and an attractive price model for upgrades, SkyDrive is a real alternative to the existing cloud storage options.
Security has been improved too: now it is even more difficult to gain knowledge about your use of cloud storage through physical access to your device as part of an forensic examination.
If you use third party apps or the web interfaces of your storage provider without encryption, PRISE is now also able to download and pass along these unsecured files. A short notice and no password input dialog is displayed, so you don't accidentally open files that have been exchanged or tampered with by third parties.
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PRISE 1.2.0, the App for provider-independent cloud storage security, is about to hit the App Stores!

This release builds a bridge to the desktop by improving interoperability with other PGP software, like GPGee for Windows, GPGTools for Mac OS X and GnuPG on Linux. Users can now encrypt files on their desktop computer, upload them to the cloud and consume those files on an iDevice. This is two-way of course: files encrypted with PRISE can also be opened on the desktop.

Of special interested to corporate users is the addition of Amazon S3 and Host Europe Cloud Storage as part of the Pro Cloud Package, private users can now securely enjoy the 25 GB of free cloud space offered by German Telekom in their TelekomCloud Mediencenter.
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PRISE 1.1.0 has been released!
Most notably, this new version adds support for Dropbox.
On the downside, new iCloud accounts cannot be used with PRISE anymore. This restriction is part of a compromise negotiated with Apple during the past months to ensure the continued availability of this storage option to existing users, despite the provisions set forth in the Apple iOS Storage Guidelines. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this causes.
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Keeping your critical and sensitive data safe is something you would rather have under your control than relying on the security features of cloud storage service providers. Too often have
• software bugs, faulty configuration or operator errors in computing centers,
• criminals who routinely break into computersystems or
• careless, curious or avaricious employees
undermined data privacy.
Make sure your files with particularly sensitive personal information (e.g. CVs, testimonials) are really save in iCloud as you control the security level.

PRISE stands for "PRovider Independend SEcurity".
Based on this idea, among security experts known as "Principle of Least Authority", we have developed this App.

• Encrypt data right on your device: neither your Internet Provider nor your Cloud Storage Provider get to see your data at any time
• Choose your own encryption keys and do not share them with your cloud storage provider. PRISE derives cryptographically strong keys from your passwords. These keys are not stored and do not leave your devices.
• Add the extra layer of security: don't rely on others trying to keep your data safe. PRISE puts your privacy in your hands.
• Access encrypted files without any restrictions from your iPhones and iPads

Main features:
+ PRISE is the first secure file explorer for iCloud
+ Integration with other Apps via "Open In..." function
+ Encryption of all files in OpenPGP format with AES-256 and SHA-256, a widely accepted standard used on Mac OS, Windows and Linux
+ file storage in iCloud, no extra service provider required
+ individual passwords for files possible: giving out one password won't reveal all content in your personal storage space
+ content hiding: each folder can have multiple passwords, each password reveals different content

Professional Security:
Encryption methods applied in PRISE are
+ compliant to definitions of international standardization organizations (such as ISO and IEEE)
+ endorsed by government institutions (such as US NIST and German Federal Network Agency)
+ tried and proven in industry
+ always up-to-date, always state of the science

Please do not hesitate to contact us via mailto: "prise at iknd dot de".
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