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SSI Services UK LTD
Improving the quality and efficiency of essential infrastructure!
Improving the quality and efficiency of essential infrastructure!

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Why choose a fleet management provider?
-Experienced staff with multiple vehicle brands
-Reduce the cost of vehicle ownership
-Bigger, wider and reliable nationwide service
-Use of purchasing scales to achieve savings and discounts
-Takes the stress off your workforce, leaving you to focus on your business
-Technical expertise and data to help you make efficient decisions

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Hydrosave and SSI Services signs exclusivity deal with Curapipe Systems Ltd!

SSI Services (UK) Ltd (an infrastructure services specialist and part of South Staffordshire Plc) has signed a long term exclusivity deal to operate the UK license for Curapipe Systems Ltd, TALR (Trenchless Automated Leakage Repair) technology.

Hydrosave – the pipeline management and leakage specialist within SSI Services, will operate the license and adapt the TALR deployment and site processes to meet the stringent requirements of the UK water industry along with the complexities of its established networks. Originally developed in Israel, the TALR technology has been tested extensively to repair leaks by the Jerusalem Water Utility and it has been trialled in both Italy and South America.

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Our expert team have recently used GPR technology at properties in London. We administered a GPR survey to try and identify what was causing water leakage on a high rise residential block of flats. The Ground penetrating radar survey helped us to find the location of the leak. Other methods had been tried but were not successful. With ground penetrating radar, we were able to find the problem and come up with a solution.

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Our OnSite Challow team helped Wessex Water (WW) to become the first company in the UK to deliver a pressure main liner to the new international standard for cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) under pressure.

The liner was installed inside a defective rising main at the company’s Christchurch sewage treatment works near Bournemouth.
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Conventional methods are usually very disruptive, involving exposure to hazards, service outages, environmental concerns and economic viability. On the other hand, Horizontal directional drilling (HDD)

-usually confines diruption to entry and exit points,
-is environmentally friendly
-can be used on different ground conditions
-less disruption to transport infrastructure
-a wide variety of uses including pipe installation

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As a specialist contractor, OnSite's core activities include infrastructure refurbishment, repair or renewal with a particular emphasis on increasing or enhancing asset life and value.

OnSite is recognised within the industry as the UK market leader within the specialist fields of concrete repairs, waterproofing and chemical resistant lining. We have a strong emphasis on relationships with our clients, staff and manufacturers. Through our cost-effective solutions, we are able to generate repeat business and long-term relationships

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Chemical Resistant Lining
Provision of resistant fireproof lining to contain industrial chemicals. Each lining comes with a fireproof classification; ensuring flammable liquids and chemicals are safely contained. Fireproof linings also increase the life expectancy of structures. Long term solutions will combat against physical, chemical or chloride attacks.

Bund Lining
There are different types of bund walls from brick and block bunds to concrete bunds. Each type is susceptible to contamination if it is not correctly protected by a bund lining. The secondary containment service offered by OSM consists of the creation of a bund wall should the primary containment of tank lining fails.

Drain Lining
Drain liners and patch drain lining to leaking pipes are effective to control both water ingress and egress. The solutions are rapid, chemical resistant, environmentally friendly and do away with the need for deep excavations associated with pipe replacement. The service provides a completely seamless bonded drain lining to the defective host pipe.

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Hydrosave Smart Networks – we can offer field services for the deployment and maintenance of sensors to keep you informed of changes to your #waternetwork. These include pressure, flow, commercial usage, transient analysis, water quality and PRV controllers. Hydrosave have completed the deployment of over 50,000 sensors for a mixture of water companies and private customers.
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What is the chance of lightning striking St Peter's?

"The risk factors include the dimensions of the structure, its location and its location relative to other buildings around it," explains Matthew Waldrum from Omega Red Group, who assesses the risk of lightning hitting buildings.
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