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Oh boy. Using autocomplete to find users' stereotypes about states.
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Alyxandor James

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It's the 21st century;
how hard can it be for humanity to figure out
automated weaponry is a truly bad investment for the species.
From Jason Alexander:

"I'd like to preface this long tweet by saying that my passion comes from my deepest sympathy and shared sorrow with yesterday's victims and with the utmost respect for the people and the police/fire/medical/political forces of Aurora and all who seek to comfort and aid these victims.

This morning, I made a comment about how I do not understand people who support public ownership of assault style weapons like the AR-15 used in the Colorado massacre. ...

But this is not the time for reasonable people, on both sides of this issue, to be silent. We owe it to the people whose lives were ended and ruined yesterday to insist on a real discussion and hopefully on some real action."
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Alyxandor James

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My good deed for the day:
Saving ~$15,000/year in electricity.
(not calculating for any increases in usership)

Converting one algorithm from (n * (n + 1))/2 to 82*n saves ~500,000,000 datastore operations a day.

82 is a big multiplier, but exponential anything in cloud computing is the surest path to scalability failure.
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Alyxandor James

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TL;DR: Robots, open source and socialism will save us all.

At present (in industrialized nations), we are physically able to provide a fair to decent life for almost everyone.  Many of the jobs that many people have to work are only necessary to have an excuse to pay those people so they don't starve.  Sales clerks. Truck drivers. Shelf stockers. Factory workers. Investment bankers. Insurance companies. Tax collectors...  all could be made obsolete.

So, if there are many jobs we can automate away and still produce the same goods & services we had before, we can still afford for those people to live, and now we don't have to pay for them to drive to work every day!

There is a lot more friction we can remove in the system; first and foremost: reinventing the wheel.  Closed source solutions might drive competition, but that leads to massive piles of resources being spent in courtrooms and research departments just to reinvent "swipe to unlock", when those engineers could be creating anything else.  Take all the energy wasted from hoarding information, make it all free and open source, and let the best ideas thrive. 

Now, in order to protect innovation, we must still reward the innovators.  Given that we can already provide a basic standard of living with our inefficient systems, a more efficient system should be better able to provide for our fellow humans.  

Many people only work so they can a) afford to live, b) afford luxury items, or (for us lucky few) c) because we love our work.  For those who work to live, we can help them best by reducing costs for basic needs to as close to zero as possible.  For those who work to play, we must retain the reward-for-work model, so anyone who wants the shiny toy is free to work hard and earn it.  Finally, for those who love their work, money often gets in the way of our potential: "I want to do X, but that doesn't pay well enough to live, so I'll just do Y instead and putter away at X on weekends".

What I am about to say might cause a knee-jerk opposition to readers, but I'll say it anyway:

Profit has been a key motivator driving human innovation, but we've come to a point where it is an unnecessary friction.  Profit and the drive to suck as much money as we can out of everything we can is one of the core problems of humanity.  Profit margins are a prime motivator for good humans to do bad things: Why do the right thing, when you can make more money doing the unethical thing?

Hear me out; rather than settings prices based on supply, demand and profit, we just use a single variable: raw physical cost.  Rather than try to raise profit, we try to lower cost.  Rather than create jobs, we destroy work.  Rather than destroy our competition, learn from and teach each other; don't compete to dominate, compete to prove your way works better.

Think about it; we can already provide a decent standard of living for everyone despite all the friction and waste in our system.  Now, imagine if education was free, every workplace was open source, and the government printed off new money to cover basic living for everyone.  Anyone who's fine with an austere, simple life can leech off the system, just like they do now.  Anyone who wants luxury items is free to work any job that can't be replaced with robots, and anyone who loves what they do is free to pursue their dreams and innovate for the sake of exploring the truth.  All the bureaucracy required to 'make something as profitable as possible' will be replaced by collaborative humans competing with each other to 'make something as efficient as possible'.  All the menial jobs can be destroyed by geniuses who love to automate things. Any human jobs that are necessary to society but nobody wants to do will be left up to the luxury-seekers who are willing to suffer for extra money per hour. Every job that can be done by a robot will be done by robot.  Every innovation we ever discover can be shared openly and freely, for the benefit of all.  Every innovator will have minimal resistance and maximum opportunity to turn a good idea into a good reality.  Every human being will live an easier life with a higher standard of living, except those who presently act as parasites on society. Meeting our needs should be a matter of scientific possibility, rather than economic profitability.

Maybe it sounds too socialist to some, but I just can't see how a profit-driven paradigm could possibly outperform an efficiency-driven paradigm; the more friction we remove, the less work we do to get the same job done, the better that should be for everyone, right?
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Alyxandor James

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Whose got our backs!?
When the government comes knocking, who has your back? We rated the biggest Internet companies on their practices when it comes to government requests for sensitive user data. How do the services you use stack up?
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Alyxandor James

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Programmer versus girl with a violin...

...He didn't even stand a chance.

Transcendence Music Video - Lindsey Stirling
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The Global Authorship Project aims to universalize digital communication on the software, hardware and wetware levels. It is an ambitious project designed to abstract away the barriers of machine languages into a single meta-format, capable of translating messages between any digital actor (program).

Please follow this project, and its progenitor +Dustin Juliano, who is developing the Meta++ language that will be used to interpret the source or byte code of any language into a universal format.
Global Authorship is a free software project that aims to universalize digital communications.
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Emulating transistors in a software system built on transistors...

Transistorception ftw!
Using Unix pipes to build digital electronic circuits.

Geek rating: 11/10
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Patents: Forcing humans to reinvent the wheel over and over and over ever since somebody figured it would be easier to make a living by owning the processes other humans use to make a living. #comic   -- oops, I spelled  "round" as "roud". I can't replace the image here, but the fixed version is at the link above.
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This is a fun, intellectually rewarding maze game.

You, as the hero of the game,
must craft an algorithm capable of escaping the labyrinth.

Enjoy! =}
This was the smallest Blockly Maze solution I could come up with (yeah, it's not exactly much of an algorithm).
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Hehe, because my facebook hoarde hath not left behind the foul wasteland that is timeline ;-}
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If life should get you down,
get up and dance!

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Trying to save our world... from ourselves.
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Wise Words Woven With Will Wake Worlds

My name is James,
And I exist to blow your mind!

At least,
That's what I tell myself;
These words I weave are the product of such belief.

I am a neural lingual ninja in your waking dreams,
Sent here to syntactically seduce you;
Oneironauitically, psychenautically, empathetelecommunicatively!

The re-evolution is not forthcoming;
The Revolution Is Now!!

...It always has been...

And with our blessings,
Our hard work, passion and care...
...Always will be.

The power structures that fed the birth of technology
Are as obsolete now as the feudal system 200 years ago.
Capitalism, corporate tyranny and 'profit at any cost':
Paradigms with an inevitable place in humanity's history...
...The past.

There was a time when we needed profit-based economy
As there will be a time when cooperation is the source of all wealth.

We got where we are by doing what we have done,
An' we'll get somewhere better doing things a little differently...

Insanity is to repeat the same action and expect change,
Genius is to subtly change the same thing until it is better.

There is a fine line between genius and insanity,
And here I am;
Riding my unicycle, blindfolded, with hands bound behind my back, wobbling my way somewhere near the middle.

Maybe you don't believe me...
Maybe you find my confidence arrogant
And my naivety an insult to your cynicism...

"How DARE one man say he will save the world?"

Well, I never said I would succeed...
...Only that I would try.

To fail in a hail of glory at the most grandiose of dreams,
Will take me further than fulfilling a thousand mediocre goals.

I don't think I have all the {right} answers.
I hardly have enough of the right questions.

But what I lack in perfection,
I make up for in passion.

The war on ignorance is an eons-old struggle;
The philosopher's work will never be done.
We might be a million miles from checkmate,
But every mind is a metaphysical battlefield,
Every choice a chance to change everything,
Every passion a primal howl against the dark,
Every thought a key to metaphysical treasure,
Every soul one more potential torch to light our way...

Let me fuel your fire in liquid light and psychenaut's elixir!

It's all about probability;
Choosing to believe a thought incarnates it in our culture,
Changing minds fuel infernos that turn failure into lessons;
Cancerous ideals consume the seeds of tomorrow,
Whilst wise words fertilize soils of limitless potential.

"Stamp out the seeds of the weeds so better crops can grow"
...The agricultural revolution...
...The whole reason we're in this 'civilization' mess to start with...

Can a single question change your life?

The more voices to the vision,
The sooner the paradigm shifts.

It's survival of the fittest idea out there,
And I'm here to syntactically amputate your apathy!!

Do whatever you will, just don't hurt unless it's to protect.

I'm not going to tell you how to think or feel or be;
{'Though I may abstractly pine for how I wish we to be}
You are free to be and see and do as you choose.
Thus, you are responsible for your mark upon the world.
If you believe you cannot help protect Earth or humanity,
Then you are letting your limitless potential go to waste,
And are becoming the problem instead of the solution.

You don't have to do everything or anything 'right';
You just have to avoid the most obvious wrongs...

Abandon blissless ignorance!
Speak from the depths of your whole!
Stand and fight tyranny, inefficiency and corruption! All as one and none on top!!

I can't tell you what's best for your life,
And I'm not going to...

We are individual cells in the meta-organism of humanity,
And we must each find our own way from darkness to light.

I don't want to make you follow my path;
I want to help you to find your own!

Innate virtue ignites the Love-bomb's fuse,
Honesty for all and especially your self!
The more we choose to believe in our selves,
The less time and energy we waste on fear 'n doubt.

Forget your oppressors and ignore the depressors!
Seek your truth and share your love!!

I am free just as we,
One and all, are pieces wholes;
Our souls, mere fractions of infinity,
Decide how humanity's future unfolds.

Be a light in the darkness!
Truth an' Love are infectious!!
The secrets to life? ...endless!!!
World-savoury dreams? ...delicious!!!!

I love you.
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