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Christian Griffen
Overall creative type. Also sappy believer in love and kindness.
Overall creative type. Also sappy believer in love and kindness.

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One of the musical icons who passed away last year that you probably didn't know is Gary "138" D., a DJ from my hometown of Hamburg who played a huge role in the German hardtrance and rave scene. His sets were brilliant, and his compilation CDs are some of my biggest treasures. In honor of his passing, I've made an old-school style song and put it up on my bandcamp page:

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Gay Avenger is best Avenger.

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“It’s absolutely remarkable,” says Jim Molleur, a Maine-based bankruptcy attorney with 20 years of experience. “We’re not getting people with big medical bills, chronically sick people who would hit those lifetime caps or be denied because of pre-existing conditions. They seemed to disappear almost overnight once ACA kicked in.”

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Oh. Hell. Yeah.

(Though honestly I'm so excited for the secondary characters in this...)

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What happens when you run a country like a business?

- You see policy blunders as public relations problems.
- You fire people when they make easy scape goats.
- Armed conflict looks like a board game, so you don't avoid it.
- You owe your share holders and board of directors. (Donators)
- The citizens are your customers. Profit from t them. 

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This is my prep music for our upcoming Urban Shadows campaign. 

This weekend, I took cash from patients I managed to cure and hid the bodies of those I couldn't in Healthy Heart Hospital (a cooperative board game I hadn't heart of before but might just buy soon).

I played an OSR Specialist by the name of Gizzard whose team of dungeoneering adventurers -- including such luminaries as Rupert, our leader Brittney, Kinderbier, Badger, and Mr. Dr. Limp (and his successor, Mr. Dr. Blimp) -- found incredible riches, lost them all, had their cleric fall down a well and break his fall by squishing a gnoll matriarch, used a Wand of Control to make the rest of the gnolls do 1,000 jumping jacks (each), burned a zombie-making birch tree, rode giant locusts, and got torn apart by lizard men and non-men lizards in +N. Phillip Cole's Hammercrawl.

I watched a young teenage girl who lost her best friend develop her self-declared Non-Friendship with the boy who cried snowflakes, and eventually learn that not all friends abandon you, as she chased her rat Lord Dragonlord on her wondrous journey through Meridian.

I brought the Syndicate to its full power and erect casinos all over Cuba, winning control against the machinations of the government and the commie rebels alike in Cuba Libre.

I struggled against incompetent immigration bureaucrats, faced the most intense interrogation of my life under suspicion of terrorist associations, and rode a roller coaster of optimism and despair in +Jason Morningstar's The Line.

I was a collection of cyber appendages stuffed into a robot body that obsessively fixed any imperfect piece of technology that crossed my way, connected with a perfect AI (to be temporarily used as "some extra external RAM"), and ultimately helped my Space Basketeer team to Space Olympics victory in Hearts Blazing.

I was the Master vampire and lost Drusilla and Darla, but prevailed by personally siring Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the MB board game (from 2000).

And finally, I made some Blood Puppets dance but got my ass handed to me by freaking robot rhinos in Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn.

All in all, a crazy amount of fun. :)

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Playing Bless the Seeds from +Meguey Baker​​'s Playing Nature's Year. Though right after taking this photo a late winter storm toppled my garden stack.

Getting ready for GameStorm. It's pretty neat that they put it right before my 40th birthday on Monday, so I get to have a weekend gaming party. I wouldn't have asked for any other kind :)
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