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George Nguyen
Entrepreneur. Serious about food and wine.
Entrepreneur. Serious about food and wine.

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BBC News - Putin wants Russian say in Moldova-EU trade agreement

Needs more sirens.

Beautiful. Especially the Aleutian and Hawaiian islands formations Amazing new maps of the ocean floor:

Well overdue move. Hewlett-Packard Plans to Break in Two - WSJ

Definitely a smart move to help broaden services and insights. Other retailers to follow?

Should be a great discussion. Hope you all can join! Thanks, Lina Constantinovici!

Happy to see GW offer this degree. The certificate program is also a nice addition.

Hilarious! For all the GoT fans...

Let's skip the uh's and um's..."this is obviously a fuckup." Love it!

Data and analytics help move products much more efficiently. This is the advantage that large and smart companies have - scale and technology. If smaller businesses want to win, they should focus on building value to develop meaningful consumer relationships.
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