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Andy Fitzsimon

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Let's make it easier to work with logos online.
a good design citizen to the world's identities
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Andy Fitzsimon

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Nice shot! I like the composition. The fisheyed curves really work well here.
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Andy Fitzsimon

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bloody reboot looping nexus 5!    near impossible to get it into recovery 
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Oh. That sucks. ):

How was L while you had it? I'm kind of sick of stock 4.4.3 (do a -1 on the versions I listed above; the wifi problem was from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3), especially after I found out yesterday that contacts don't work... at all. Like, none of my contacts show up, even my self contact.

It's mysteriously broken, so I guess I need to brute force it by wiping data at the least and possibly even install another ROM...
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Andy Fitzsimon

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Back from a great business trip with a boatload of wallpapers
All photos are public domain, no attribution necessary - use for whatever and enjoy!
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If ONLY I had an ND8 filter. So many shots were impossible with that light-hog
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Andy Fitzsimon

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Hipster cred rising. Our wedding last year featured on a wedding blog for ‘creative couples’
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Andy Fitzsimon

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Finally officially in my new job. 
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Congratulations! Does this mean a bigger office?
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Andy Fitzsimon

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What we've been up to
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Chased by a squid
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Andy Fitzsimon

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One more around for afternoon tea come 2015!!
This Fitzsimon repo's first official branch
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+James Mason sets the bar high for +Andy Fitzsimon :-)
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Andy Fitzsimon

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Brenda and I are blogging the IVF journey: 
A collection of our experiences and lessons learnt going through IVF
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Best wishes to you both.
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Andy Fitzsimon

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Got the beta update and it looks fantastic !! Goodbye stock nexus 5 launcher
Hello immersive wallpaper
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Andy Fitzsimon

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There's a bug where the scripts don't get installed on a 64-bit system. Instead of <prefix>/lib64/gimp/plug-ins/* they're installed in <prefix>/lib/gimp/plug-ins/

I filed it on github @

Quick and dirty solution: move the Python scripts from one dir to another and restart Gimp (if it was running).
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friend, geek, designer
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Canned seafood platter delivered by a surly staff member. Defrosted powdery bland crab, oysters and baby octopus obviously from a jar or tin.. All delivered by a waiter who made us feel like giving business on a Monday was an inconvenience. For a premium price, I expected more. I'm surprised that Maisie's reputation is so good despite the product, and service. I never write bad reviews, but this unexpected burn sidelined me, I won't be back. I feel like this is not the place for anyone < 60.
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This is a regular for my wife and I The staff are extremely friendly with great service and the food is absolutely excellent. Try the the Duck red curry and add-in a pork fried rice if you want the ultimate combination from this place. (so good)
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