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Here is my offer to #project522012 Week # 19 May 7 2012 Sky and Clouds. Clouds X 2, The Clouds over The Gilittoyees Inlet. Allan
Curated by +Kate Church +Greg Berdan +Gretchen Chappelle +Gary Crabbe +Sue Butler +Shelly Gunderson +Giuseppe Basile +LaDonna Pride
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Another wonderful one! Amazing clouds and reflections. :-)
Hi +Lawrence Sauter great you had a look at this and left your comment. If you look close photo right lower corner some debree is floting in the water. :) Allan
Good eye +Shaun Ashmead also photo left bottom cotner there is some debree floating in the water. Thank you for your comment. Allan
It was +Shaun Ashmead not a breath of wind down on the water, not like up where the clowds were. Thank you again for your comments. Allan
Hi +Kim Anglin Thank you for looking at my photos and leaving your +s it makes my day to know some one else enjoys my photos. Hope you have a great week. Allan
Hi +Allan Colton. Oh yes I love going through the "gallery" and checking out the newest additions. :) You have so many spectacular images. Also it is nice because you photograph in the mountains which is totally different and very refreshing to see. I love your animal images too. I thought that bear looked pretty skinny but I guess you thought he looked okay after coming out of hibernation. You have some great bear photographs which I love to see.
Hi +Kim Anglin thank you. I have more from our last trip just have to post proses the best ones then post here. I have some of our mountains to show. I love to look at yours as they are so beautiful and the wide open spaces, great to see a little bit of other peoples world. Allan
I will do my best! Thank you for the insperation +Kim Anglin words like yours help drive me. Allan :o)
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