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Christopher Hoover
Follow me at , not here.
Follow me at , not here.


Please follow me at +Christopher Hoover 

I don't use this account.

If you are following me here, you would be better off following me at +Christopher Hoover 

I'm also a Googler and you can follow me as such at +Christopher Hoover, but my public posts there are few.

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I've only seen the first three episodes, but +1 (+3?) so far.
Just spent 72 hours sitting motionless in a darkened room. Perhaps it was a mistake to binge-watch “Black Mirror.” - Conan

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Only one word is needed to describe this Street View scene, and that word is "Exterminate".

Explore further on #StreetView on your computer or phone at (iPhone users: Download the Google Maps app at

i'm really at +Christopher Hoover .   this account may cease to exist at any time.

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The GE medical commercial with Agent Smith. ... so nasty.   Terrible bad taste in my mouth.

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Open letter to Glenn Greenwald about why he (and his editors) should reveal the identity of the standards, companies, and products that have been compromised by the NSA:


[Disclaimer: As always, the views expressed therein are my own, and do not reflect those of my employer] 

If you are following me, please also follow +Christopher Hoover.  That's my primary acoount.   I'l probably delete this account before long.

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