I am very excited to invite all of you to stop by and look at my new photography interview site. Each month, I will be featuring at least one new interview with an up and coming or established photographer-- as well as at least one new photo gallery that is either based on a particular theme or an individual photographer.

The first interview-- with San Francisco Bay Area photographer +Steve-Maxx landeros-- is already completed and ready for your viewing and reading pleasure. Steve is known for his wonderful long exposure work (including some breathtaking foggy sunrise-lit images of the Golden Gate Bridge and some incredible nighttime long exposures). He has also recently shifted his focus from digital to film. He has a lot of very interesting things to say about photography! I have included a gallery of favorite images from his work as well.

That said-- I would like to ask all of you for a favor. I would greatly appreciate some help letting people know this new site exists, and I would be forever grateful if you would share this with your contacts and friends (here on Google+ and your other social networks/photo sharing sites). I pondered joining Twitter, but for some reason I just can't get myself to tweet ...

Even though they don't know it yet, I have future plans to interview +Teresa Stover, +Brian Day, +Joel Tjintjelaar, +Athena Carey, +Jeff Gaydash, +Maria Strömvik, and many others ...

Thanks in advance for reading this, for visiting the blog and, if you have the time or desire, for sharing this with your friends and contacts.



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