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8th Swedish Meeting for Mathematical Biology
Next week on the 15th-16th Dec the Mathematical Sciences at Chalmers/GU is hosting the 8th Swedish Meeting for Mathematical Biology. The first meeting was held in 2009 organised by David Sumpter at Uppsala University, and this is the second time the meeting...

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The impact of anticipation in dynamical systems
We have just submitted a manuscript that investigates the role of prediction in models of collective behaviour. The idea is quite simple: take a model where animals attract/repel each other based on a pairwise potential, and adjust it so that the animals ac...

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Copernicus was not right
During my parental leave I took the opportunity to learn more about areas that I normally don't have time to explore. One of these topics was history of science and in particular the changing world views that man has held throughout history. Perhaps the lar...

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Parameter variation or a take on interdisciplinary science
This text is written from a personal perspective and I'm not sure how well it applies to other scientists. If you agree or disagree please let me know. A standard tenet of experimental science is that the number of parameters that one varies in an experimen...

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Back from parental leave
As of the 15th Aug I'm back to science and teaching. It's been some great 9 months, but now it's time to get serious about work again. This autumn I'm looking forward to lecturing on mathematical modelling and learning more about cell migration and the extr...

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Scientific Models
In 2009 when I was a postdoc at Center for Models of Life at the Niels Bohr Institute my former MSc-supervisor Torbjörn Lundh came to visit me. As usual we had a great time together, but what I remember most from that visit was that we started talking about...

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Travelling wave analysis of a mathematical model of glioblastoma growth
This paper has been on arxiv for a while (and the work dates back to 2011), but it was at last accepted for publication in Mathematical Biosciences after 1.5 years of review. The paper contains an analysis of a PDE-model of brain tumour growth that takes in...

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In anticipation of the IMO Workshop that is starting later today, I wrote some reflections on making sure to use units and understanding the logic of types in our mathematical models. I hope that +Philipp Altrock+David Basanta, +Philip Gerlee and +Abel Molina will enjoy it.

Also, thanks to +Jill Gallaher, +Dan Nichol, +Jacob Scott, and +JP TK for looking over the intro, I hope you enjoy the rest of the article, and the image comes via +Moshe Vardi.

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Creative force fields
Yesterday (29th september) I made an appearance as an opponent at a seminar on the topic of mathematical modelling for predicting the spread of culture (Swedish title: "Kan algoritmer ge oss bättre förståelse för kultur och regional utveckling?"). The work ...

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Photos of nature
This summer I spent almost two months in a cottage in the Swedish countryside with my family. The cottage is fairly isolated with the closest neighbours a kilometer or so away. This meant living closer to nature than I have ever done, and resulted in me tak...
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