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Real men debug with printf
Real men debug with printf

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The show is about to start!

Sup Doyle! Welcome to the Google+ world.

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I've been know to do this... :)
It's almost Friday. I'm so tempted to plus one my own post. Lol :-)
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Last Day, Success!
It's vacay, I've been lazy and haven't kept up with the blog. Last weekend the waves were great. I was catching them consistently, the only problem was the amount of traffic out there. Lots of people in the water and they were much faster in setting up for ...

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Waves Bigger Today, Not As Successful
Yesterday waves were smaller but choppy. I was at about 70% success with the waves I caught. Today the waves were bigger and get better throughout our session. By the time they were really good I was physically tapped out. Didn't fully ride any waves today....

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Successful Day Yesterday, Off Today
Did 2 sessions yesterday. First session was my best with another 80% success rate. I took a break and went out again but the waves were rougher and too close together. I got thrown off of one right at the top. It was time to go in after that. Taking today o...

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Success Yesterday
Stood up and rode 80% of the waves I caught yesterday. The last wave was the best, I was super stable and even carved a bit! If I can keep that percentage up for the rest of the week I'll call it mission accomplished.

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Back In The Water
Took the last 2 days off due to that foot injury. No more 10Ks for me. The board just fits in the Mini although it has to stick out the passenger window.

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Waves Are Beat Today Foot is hurting slightly anyway. I'll probably just go for a swim in the choppity chop. Did that last night and it was ridic!

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Taking Today Off
My foot is jacked up from running the past few days so I don't think I'm hitting the water today. Going to play some Heroes of the Storm, read some tech books, and hang out with my nephew.
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