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Agents we are happy to announce that we will be doing our first NL-1331 cross faction events ever in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan! Starting in mid January and ending in mid February NL pilot +Ethan Lepouttre and global community manager +Andrew Krug will travel the portal network with NL-1331 hosting events, giveaways and Q&A sessions at the locations listed below. As always we will be doing agent stat competitions for character badges, and we will be offering limited edition Nl-1331 swag for each country! Stay tuned for more event, giveaway, and competition details!

2018-01-20 Sat AU Brisbane
2018-01-23 Tue AU Sydney
2018-01-25 Thu AU Canberra
2018-01-27 Sat AU Melbourne
2018-02-01 Thu NZ Christchurch
2018-02-03 Sat NZ Wellington
2018-02-05 Mon NZ Auckland
2018-02-09 Fri JP Yokohama
2018-02-11 Sun JP Nagoya
2018-02-13 Tue JP Kobe
2018-02-15 Thu JP Kagawa
2018-02-17 Sat JP Fukuoka

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Agent name : hiromo
Role : 今さら伊藤園まわる!

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You have a mission this September, and a unique and memorable reward awaits you at the end of this quest.

History is filled with great adventures. Some of the earliest such as The Odyssey by Homer are the stuff of legends. We want you to experience more of the world around you, meet new people, make new friends, and organize trips to places that you have yet to visit and explore. Create your adventure in the real world with Ingress.

Visit 300 new unique portals during the month of September to earn the Via Lux Adventurer medal. This medal will serve as a celebration of the experiences you found along the way.

The top 25% of those who exceed 300 new unique portals visited will instead earn a special version of the medal: The Lux Odyssey… a permanent testament to your epic voyage.

Share your adventures this September on social media using #Ingress and #LuxAdventure.

* All time Unique Portal Visits starting Sept 1st 00:01:00 UTC and ending Sept 30th at 23:59:00 UTC will count toward this medal.
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Hello agents,

The next Anomaly in Japan will take place in Okayama and Kagawa prefecture, not in Setouchi-shi. The information on the Japanese email is wrong. Sorry for the confusion.
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This week we enabled a new component of our anti-cheat system - specifically focused on agents trying to falsify their location and automate gameplay. We consider any technical mechanism that does these things to be cheating, including applications that inject false locations or techniques to maintain a stale location. This new component resulted in the termination of accounts that showed clear signs of cheating and we have verified that these results are highly accurate.

Our goal is to provide a fair, fun and legitimate game experience for everyone. We will continue to work with all of you to improve the quality of the gameplay, including ongoing optimization and fine tuning of our anti-cheat system. If you believe your account has been terminated incorrectly, you should report it to the Ingress Help Center.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

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タイガーエアの公式ウェブサイト にて、4月22日深夜1:01から、4月25日 0:59 までの間に、販促コードの欄に「ITGE50」を入力してください。5月23日から6月3日の間のチケット、また下記3路線のみに適用されます。

成田国際空港 - 高雄国際空港
大阪国際空港 - 高雄国際空港
マカオ国際空港 - 高雄国際空港

アノマリー会場でのレジストレーションの際に、フライトチケットを見せることで、Rare Load Outカードを得ることもできます。台南アノマリーにon-siteで登録している必要があります。


注意:モバイルアプリでは対応していません。コードは公式ウェブサイト から入力してください。このディスカウントは、検索結果で取り消し線で表示された価格のみに適用されます。
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New Anomaly Series without name is announced
After the Obsidian anomalies, a set of new anomaly sites has been announced:

May 28th
Primary: Tainan (Taiwan)
Satellites: Manila (Philippines), Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Primary: Rotterdam (Netherland)
Satellites: Cape Town (South Africa), Padua (Italy)

Primary: Brooklyn (New York, US)
Satellites: Savannah (Georgia, US), Minneapolis (Minnesota, US)

June 25th
Primary: Sydney (Australia)
Satellites: Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hyderabad (India)

Primary: Moscow (Russia)
Satellites: Dublin (Ireland), Nice (France)

Primary: San Diego (California, US)
Satellites: Calgary (Canada), Salt Lake City (Utah, US)
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IQ Tech Eastの調査員が調査したところによると、これらの現象は既存のXM関連の実験とは無関係のようであり、原因については不明である。



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