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Here goes Monday's image for the Allods Caption Contest! #Allods  

Reply to this wall post with a caption. We will choose our top 5 captions and the winners will receive 400 Premium Crystals! Also be sure to write your character name and server when posting your caption entry.
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wat a great news we got here :) 
"They succeeded! They fixed the past!!" Beatrice - Avilon
Beard Weekly: Hair is care!

Travis Robbins - Gossip Weekly: What do women really say about the size of a man's sword? Pubescent - Yul
"whats this? ....... Hmmm. 1 woman goes back in time and finds herself 3 other times to bring them to the present? odd. but very fascinating. thats another bug i gotta fix :/" 

Yul server
(headline)MEET THE NEW MOUNT TITAN!--"Back then we're just riding horses but look now, a robot mount capable of attacking? (sigh)I must say I'm getting old..."

This is some great reading for poop time!!
Oh my 3 ladies did something real strange, oh look a titan 0.0
Headline: Gibberling seen carrying Xadaganian female. Story on page 5.

Bayer - Avilon
The Director flips through the sports section, "That Gibberling had no place playing in the Goblinball game finals.  It was obvious that he was mistaken for a Goblin. Poor thing didn't see it coming. I must remember to send a get well card."  

Fyrea - Empire, Yul
Headline: Kanian females protest needlepoint AFK emote.

Anaksunamoon- Avilon
i think i should sit while reading this.
"no beard week on yasker tower"
damn yasker i bet yasker is not in yt hes on kirah for sure.

Nuke - Avilon
Because holding a newspaper at the same page all day doesn't look suspicious at all.

Jollis - Yul Server (League)
"New guild <Feminists> recruiting! Woman only! We can do it!" Hm, I wonder how much gold they paid for making it on second page.

Ludovic, Yul.
"Hah! You call this news? I'm actually doing something worth talking about here but do I get any recognition? No!"
Imon - Yul
I wonder how much Harry had to pay for the issue with the moving pictures?

Sanvenganza -Yul
-Director: hmmm ....
 Alien abductions,  ongoing war in Asee teph ... What else is new? .. Oh new Twilight sequel (pass), my horoscope 0.0 yay! 
'' You will have good fortune on this day, ppl will revere to you as a GOD!, Today is a great day to be creative''
-Well I guess it's time for a new patch then ^^) .

-Archkiller -Yul
"I wonder...What them ladies are wonderin' about..." —Director.

Seclude (Avilon)
Reading by himself... you just know he's taking a dump...

Choirs - Yul
"Ascendancy couldn't of possibly of cleared DC!" 
Charlesbrnson, Yul
Gorislav is reading "How women look as hot as Megan Fox"

Barabas - Avilon
Gorislav is reading: "Cool new Bard Merc are comeing" Rimozom YUL
Let's see the lottery news! Maybe this time I won that Titan Jackpot!

Queennarya, Yul
Gorislav "Omg the population is rizing they cleared all Dead City bosses i need to come up with new plans to entertaim the citizeans but wait is secret for now just you will see what my mind can do "
Slikgraphiks Yul -Empire
Sarah M
Wha? Oh great gibberlings, this is not what I need right now, a noisy ale'd up laughing Dwarf to ruin my morning reading time..."Hmm I do wonder what he's laughing so hard about though??" Aye wait a second, did he?... Nah he couldn't have....OMG, HE DID!! HE STOLE MY TOILET PAPER!!!!
"Dwarf laughing hysterically in the distance"
Dawrf : That'll teach ya to go Dwarf tossin again!  

Noooo!!!What are my bald wives doing in the news??singing me a birthday song?

Wow. Thanksgiving celebration in Novograd was amazing!!! Mitami - Yul
"This bald man here.... is reading the news,and sitting by the Whirlpool of Time." ~Kristalli- Yul

Rexert - Yul
Ah old school Playboy, just how I like it.
Goozy - Yul
"Sarnauts Daily Tribune" - Four Female Time Travellers spotted around the ruins of Gipatia. The search and manhunt of both faction continues...

Nihaz - "Holy crap! Why is it that Yasker's Mom and Aidenus divorced wife went to future? Wish it has not to do something with me. But I missed these girls to be honest."

Mulawin - Avilon.
daily news:TOP 5 THINGS WOMEN LIKE IN A MAN: 1) a man with pets,  2) a man with a bald head, 3) a man with a garden,  4) a man with a view of the sunset, 5) a man with a time traveling pool that makes you look a thousand years younger. Gorislav yells-" WHY AM I STILL SINGLE!!!".           Ryochet-Empire/Yul
Gorislav acts as a lifeguard ensuring people dont drown in the most popular swimming spot in Crossroads. Remember to put on sunblock Gorislav! Twist Avilon
"Huh, an all ladies goblinball team just defeated their rivals over the weekend for the first time in almost ten years; What?? And they also recieved 400 crystals since their record matches their name, 'The Brownies', wtf mate"

Cadaveria - Yul
The only accessory of Gorislav - "The Allods Times"
He loves reading it 24x7...

Kickbuttowski - Avilon
Crazyyama team championship celebration!!
"Champions for 400 Crystals"
Crazyyama: "Father ll buy you a wig as a prize"
Father: "Do not forget the laws of heredity,I am your father~"

Crazyyama - Yul
"Allods Daily News"
4 Female Elves 1 Goblinball!
"Yasker Hawks Swoop in on Elf Strip Club in Nezebgrad! Massage Parlor License Revoked!"

Gheistlocke - Yul
madonna show this 16 th december in new york, you need come the best show in the year.
I'm the attending life guard for this pool and nothing ever happens. Just jump right in while I read this newspaper. You'll be fine.

Napoleonv- Yul
"Dang I remember when i had hair like that. They called me Santa Clause."

Soroxis - Yul
"What a beautiful day to read the newspaper. Being a god is so easy when you have servants."
Zurion, Yul
"This would be a wonderful and great day this Coming each other....hmmmm maybe the Empire and League..will cooperate on that day, this would be exciting.. i can't wait."

-Carlicious Avilon
Feminists are signing their own charter? Boy, times are changing for the better.

-Lordkrishna , Yul
I think that people are starting to notice that i am a slow reader.. it's been a year..

Shock, Empire, Yul
"(Headline) NEXT PATCH WE WILL BE REMOVING GIPAT CROSSROADS(including that fat guy who always hold newspaper) AND PROVIDE TIME TRAVELER'S STONE TO ENTER KIRAH---GmPiopico"

Moriah - Avilon 
" I can never get tired of this page...."
" I can never get tired of this page...."
Yul, Nightrode
Daily News: Time Traveler's Wife,gone Missing. 

Zenox - Avilon
(sigh)... And here I am stuck in this floating island with some dwarves...

Testament - Avilon
"I will seek a bride in the newspaper, so I'll bring my hot springs"   
Sashhaa/ Avilon
"A great day to clear your mind and read the paper" 
Cyborg / Avilon
The one page to read all year long.

Let's see what we have in today's newspaper.

Director   -    ``YEAH!!Pacht 3.0.5 finally arrived, cant wait to get that TiTan mount!!``   (Sultansaladin  - Yul)
(The man: Oh ive heard there was a new mount called Titans !
Lets check if there is something in the newspapers about it!
(checking in the news) OOOOhhh giirls ! I THINK THAT TITAN CAN WAIT JUST A MOMENT !

"i have to cooldown for how long?!?"   aka That awkward moment when you find news of a new nerf in the patch notes.

Mueller / Avilon
Lorah M
I was right! Condulas, Piopico and Shockpiv were the cows in Yaskers tower. Lydium/yul
"That's what I'm talking about.....Breaded girls weekly"

" After giving all the adventures (players) a quest for their leisure time, now its my turn to have a leisure time with this NEWS DAILY... " 

Panzer - Avilon
Gibberling poop cures baldness!! Only 20 gold per bottle!
Gibberling poop cures baldness!! Only 20 gold per bottle!   Gravitas - YUL
Adl B
"sooo... what do we have today in the 'bald daily' ?! "
Adl B
" sooo... what do we have today in the 'bald daily?' "
Gibberling Uprising!  Protest against "cute and cudley" stereotype

Gavitas on YUL
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