Join Beau from Massively for more Allods endgame raiding! #Allods #Massively  

As more and more guilds gear up to face the horrors that await in Allods’ endgame dungeon, Dead City, it’ll help to get more in-depth raid strategies about some of the challenges. And that’s just what you’ll get this coming Monday to start off our week!
Beau from Massively is teaming up with Citizenkane and Ascendancy guild to stream what goes on in a guild raid through this endgame action. You’ll get the inside scoop on general raiding strategies for Dead City as well as listen in on some of the guild dialogue that goes on during an organized raid.
The stream will take place this Monday, November 26th at 6 PM PST (9 PM EST)
Despite having an organized raid, anything can happen during a guild’s livestream so you’ll want to check out what challenges the 24 players face and how they handle the dangers thrown at them.
You can check it out at the time listed above on Massively TV with the link below!  
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