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We’re changing the way the world learns to play music.

Since the launch of on-demand subscription platforms, Spotify and Oyster have allowed millions of people to listen to their favorite bands or read books from their favorite authors anywhere, and anytime. Soon musicians around the world can have similar, unlimited access to an unmatched digital library of music lessons and videos. And we need YOUR support.

On Monday the 24th of November we will launch our Indiegogo Crowd Funding campaign to speed up the development of Apollo-M. We've been putting all of our resources into developing Apollo-M, its expansion features, and new content for the platform. But now we want the community to get involved too! By pledging you can score some fantastic goodies AND improve the way the world learns to play music.

Apollo-M is an on-demand, subscription platform delivering unlimited eBook, video and audio lesson content to aspiring and professional musicians and music educators. It will include:

Apollo-M App
A Phone, Tablet and Desktop ready App offering a convenient place download and store thousands of music lessons, RSS feeds from music magazines, fan clubs and articles as well as enabling in-App purchases of over 250,000 music products and accessories

Apollo-M Interactive Game Play. 
A Phone and Tablet ready XML music generated interactive music performance analysis and feedback software featuring 3-D game like music instrument graphics. Users plug their instrument directly into their Tablet, smartphone or laptop device and get an instant score on how well they have played the piece of music in that lesson. Feedback for pitch, duration, rhythm and tempo where the user can select their own level of difficulty and performance criteria. It is the most advanced interactive learning tool available.

Apollo-M Live Teacher
Connecting students with music teachers via on demand live video, one-on-one, anywhere, anytime, worldwide

Apollo-M Connect
A social network focused on connecting a worldwide community of musicians with other music professionals and will provide educators and students a platform to upload, share, discuss and customize their own and Apollo-M content, lessons, courses and teaching methods.

Apollo-M Toolkit
Giving musicians all the digital tools they need to play, practice and develop their music, including Recording & Mixing, Songwriter's Assistant, Chord & Scale Finder, Backing Tracks, and Tuner.

Apollo-M Song
Will enable subscribers to upload songs and original compositions as sound recording, videos and sheet music

All this & more, for only $4.95/month (or free for teachers). No other app or website will come close to matching the platform’s combined features and value.

Apollo-M will have all of the resources and knowledge that a beginner, professional musician or music teacher needs to pursue their music goals, in one place. Anyone who has the desire to learn to play a musical instrument will be able to subscribe and get immediate and unlimited access.

We’re going to be counting down the days until the launch here, so why not join us and invite your friends to keep up to date with all the latest.

Learn more at:
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