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Disney Indian Replacement Terminations A Year Later

One year ago yesterday in ‪Disney‬ history, I and approximately 249 friends and skilled technology professionals were terminated from the Walt Disney Company for performing our responsibilities so well that after 10+ years of loyalty and sacrifice they replaced us with cheap Indian contractors, and then blocked us from contracting ourselves.

The story (by +Patrick Thibodeau ) below is the latest news related to that event. It mentions lawsuits that have been filed, but also adds slightly more information about Disney's claim they did offer a job to one of the people suing.

Turns out it was a bit messy and it was a contracting position not an employee rehire. Last year Disney stated they had no knowledge or say in the hiring practices of the Indian companies, so are they now claiming there is such a tight relationship with them, including in their hiring processes, that working or getting an offer from them is counted as working for Disney?

At our recent "Disney Layoff" 1 year reunion we discussed how a few managed to return to Disney (by that I mean they're on-site, not on their payroll) by getting hired as employees at the Indian companies several months later because some things were failing and they needed experienced skills back in place. It may be these non-Disney employees are being counted in Disney's confusing claim they hired back 100 people (which again would support that the relationship between Disney and these companies is so tight they publically consider working for them as working for Disney). If so, it's sad this "relationship" didn't exist during the layoffs and the Disney staff allowed to transisition to the Indian firms initially instead of being terminated, forced to train lesser skilled replacements and then being blocked out.

Last week (within 7 days of it being an exact year since the layoffs) HCL cold contacted me asking if I was interested in possibly joining them in one of my old roles. During my last 30 days at Disney I was in discussions with HCL about such employment so I could continue at Disney, but they suddenly cancelled the scheduled interview and stopped responding. Two weeks later I learned placement firms were told that ex-staff could not contract back in until 2016, which would perfectly explain this sudden behavior change. That "blackout" supposedly ends today, and HCL reaching out after almost exactly one year could be seen as additional confirmation of it. I responded to HCL by pointing out I was qualified while hands-on performing the work a year ago but they cancelled the interview and stopped all communcations, so I need to understand what changed that I'm now qualifed.

I don't expect a response to that. Maybe these lawsuits will shed some light.

#Disney #h1b

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