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Author, Blogger, Singer, Speaker


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I dedicate my noTrumpvote to....

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On this Memorial Day
For my uncles who died in
WWII and are buried in Europe, Paul Boyle and Jim Madden, and for my great
uncles Joseph Love and Pat Madden who served in WWI, my father Joseph Boyle and
my uncles Pete Madden, Tom Madden, Jude Madden and John Boyle who served in

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Happy Birthday, Mom...
Had she lived another year, my mother would have turned
90 today.  I think of her every day, but she
was prominent in my thoughts today.  I
wanted to write something meaningful about her, about her life, about what she
means to me, but I am still having dif...

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Handel’s Messiah: a classical start to the Christmas season…
St. John Vianney, Mentor OH, Sunday - December 7th at 7
p.m. From the time I was small, I remember hearing the
Hallelujah Chorus during the holidays.  I
think it was one of the cuts on a Mantovani album of classical music my parents
used to pop onto the tur...

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Being comfortable is a wonderful thing.  We value comfort, in our homes, our cars, our
clothes (especially our shoes), our communities, our relationships, our
jobs.  We get angry and resentful when
things upset our apple-cart of comfort.  It
is much too eas...

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The Unanswered Phone - Redux
I never knew how much pain was involved in a call not answered.  But for thousands of Americans, the pain of the call not answered will never be over.  I was running a few minutes late for work that Tuesday morning, and I pulled into the parking lot just as...

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Surrounded by silence and water...
I know I’ve
been silent of late.  This is a function
of three things.  First, I was getting
ready to leave for a week.  Second, I
left for a week.  Third, having been gone
for an entire week and virtually incommunicado, I returned to a week of
turmoil.  But...

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Robin Williams: The Perseids are in Good Company
I delayed writing about Robin Williams because I wanted my
words to be thoughtful, rather than reactionary.  I knew I had to wait because my reaction to
his death surprised me.  I’m not what
some might call a “fan boy” (or “fan girl,” so to speak).  I haven...

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Sale starts today at 11:00 A.m. EST
I’m running a Kindle Countdown Deal on A Mystery in the Mailbox .  In the US, the sale starts today, August 11, at 8:00 a.m. PST (11:00 a.m. EST).  The Kindle version of the
book will be offered for $2.99, a 70% discount, for 32 hours.  For every 32 hours y...
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