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Me and +Addy Osmani did a mini-tip on how you can use sw-toolbox to get up and running with service workers super quick.

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New episode on Sublime (and Atom) Snippets
+Matt Gaunt gets a poor yelp review from +Addy Osmani on the new #TotallyToolingtips. Time to learn Sublime Snippets I guess:

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oh youuuu

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So purdy.

I'm really excited to see the new fingerprint API⁰ in Android M so made this little exploration demonstrating how you might prompt for a fingerprint and then show success or failure.  I'm using a couple of neat tricks provided by AnimatedVectorDrawable¹:

● Morph the paths of parts of the fingerprint to create the tick/cross.
● Use a copy of the fingerprint and a moving clip-path to create the scanning effect.

There are quite a few moving parts but you can find the code here:

#androiddev   #androiddesign
Animated Photo

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#TotallyToolingTips Episode 2: dive into the new ES6 Promises inspector in Chrome DevTools with me and +Matt Gaunt

Fun game: count how many times Matt says 'Um' during this episode :)

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Get a first look at Angular 2, Sublime Text tips from +Addy Osmani and +Matt Gaunt, plus HTTP 203 is BACK!

It’s #LazyWebShow time! 

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This is awesome!!!
I just pushed a big update to Web Fundamentals that includes new content, a new section that highlights our shows, a brand new Showcase section that includes case studies of great web experiences, and RSS feeds so you can stay up to date with all the new content.

New Content
+Matt Gaunt published a primer on Security with HTTPS (
+Paul Lewis added a new section on Rendering Performance (

You can now stay up to date with all of our shows, including #Polycasts , #HTTP203 , the Chrome Dev Summit, and Udacity courses at

Curious how we built the Chrome Dev Summit site? The new Showcase section has you covered with deep technical Case Studies.  We also highlight great sites and apps with Spotlights.

RSS Feeds
We've also added RSS feeds so that you can stay up to date all the time. Use your favorite feed reader to subscribe!
Everything -
Shows -
Web Fundamentals -
Showcase -

Web — Web Fundamentals
Web — Web Fundamentals

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Chrome Canary is advertising HTTP/2 support (final draft), via "h2" token: - woot! Now's the time to test your HTTP/2 server(s).

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...yes, if mean girls wasn't created, I'm sure the api would have be named differently.
Finally, a saner way to do XHR's with window.fetch()!  The Fetch API offers a cleaner, simpler API and avoids the always fun callback hell by using promises.  It's available in Chrome 42 today, and there's already a polyfill so you can start using it today.

Get started with +Matt Gaunt's HTML5Rocks primer ( and if you're new to promises, be sure to check out +Jake Archibald's great primer (

#fetch #promises #xhr #ajax #xmlhttprequest #saner

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Woo wooo
The WebView Beta channel is open for business. Test out your apps with the latest WebView before your users get the updates. More details on the Android Developers blog.

#AndroidDev   #WebView  
Beta Channel for the Android WebView
Beta Channel for the Android WebView
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