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+Chris DiBona on the main Google I/O stage with Dan Lyons #io16 #disrupted

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The awesome speakers from tonight's #womentechmakers #singapore event - congrats +Amit Chopra on a successful event!

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Full house at #womentechmakers #singapore tonight!

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Eat and drink tons for me... miss you guys! xoxo 

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Love these !
This year's #Zeitgeist2013  is here. Look back on the people, places and moments that captured our attention throughout the year on the Zeitgeist site:

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Megan Smith at Women 2.0 #w2conf13

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<a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>

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Looking forward to the upcoming #DevFest season all over the world, especially in SE Asia! 
#Devfest  Season starting from today to November! Be part of the annual geekfest on different Google technologies. Great opportunity to learn from the local experts and Googlers or even showcase your apps. 

Southeast Asia will have 25 this year (way double than last year). Check the schedules below.  Sign-up and join the FUN!

#DevfestSEArocks   #gdg   #gdgsea  

Season 1

+GDG Lahore  - Devfest Lahore - August 30 - Sept 1 
+GDG Dhaka -  Devfest Dhaka - Sept 6 & 7
+GDG Thailand - Devfest Thailand - Sept 14 & 15 
+GDG Philippines - Devfest Philippines - Sept 17
+GDG Cagayan de Oro - Devfest CDO - Sept  22
+GDG Bacolod - Devfest BCD - Sept 28
+GDG Sri Lanka - Devfest Sri Lanka - Sept 28

Season 2

+GDG Brunei Darussalam - Devfest Brunei - Oct 4
+GDG Surabaya - Devfest Surabaya - Oct 5 
+GDG Jakarta - Devfest Jakarta - Oct 9 
+GDG Singapore - Devfest Singapore - Oct 12 
+GDG Jogjakarta - Devfest Jogja - Oct 16
+GDG Semarang - Devfest Seamarang - Oct 19
+GDG Chiang Mai & +GDG Phitsanulok - Devfest Chiang Mai &            
                                                                                Phitsabulok - Oct 19 & 20
+GDG Cebu - Devfest Cebu - Oct 19
+GDG Zamboanga - Devfest Zamboanga - Oct 26
+GDG Davao  - Devfest Davao - Oct 26 
+GDG Vientiane - Devfest Vientiane - Nov 2 
+GDG Phnom Penh - Devfest Phnom Penh - Nov 9 
+GDG Baguio - Devfest Baguio - Nov 9
+GDG Halsema - Devfest Halsema - Nov9
+GDG Kota Kinabalu  - Devfest Kota Kinabalu - Nov 16
+GDG Kuala Lumpur - Devfest Kuala Lumpur - Nov 30


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Happy Google Anniversary to me! Google gave me my very own personalized doodle on canvas.. Cheers to many more years at this awesome company! <3
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