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I like the level of detail and the amount they did on both planets. There was nothing missing. And the lovely small details really make it lifelike. But without the map it's kinda hard to imagine. And I'm somewhat afraid, that it will take quite a long time till we see all eleven planets with maps. And they would have to do a system map for Human Edge. Wonder whether that means they do system map for all. And I wonder how much room they'll give Yutang/Shentang and Earth. I'm looking forward to Concilium, as I know next to nothing about that one. 

(btw I am Gideo on KS) 
So that people know, there are some more previews up from the Kickstarter. It's worth noting that these are text-only, pre-layout previews, so no cool art yet. Definitely more on the sneak preview side of things.

First, there are conversion rules to the tabletop game. Gideo - avid fan of the wargame - observed that this process produces really potent units. I'm gonna guess that was intentional? Bringing an RPG character into a wargame is going to be a special unit by default.

[cheeky analogy] Think of LotR; Aragorn, Gimli & Legolas are clearly RPG PCs. But they are hella competent when taken into the Mass Combat/Wargame section of the campaign. [/cheeky analogy]

More to my interest are the two planet writeups. Call me a geek, but I get super stoked when we're talking about tectonic plates by the fourth paragraph :)

What are people's thoughts on these? Specifically, anybody who's up on their Human Sphere lore; how do these planet entries line up with existing information? 

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Mag Rack Attack! ... My Tablewar Minicase arrived.
Hello Firendos, A few weeks ago I recieved my first Kickstarter reward. On the mark I have to say. Turnaround is always an issue with crowdfuded projects. Well, not with this one it was not. Estimated March 2013 (4th month after funding) and it came in mid ...

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Hobby-wrap-up/editorial: gamer ADD, model hording, climate and change
Caught up in hexes! No-Quartermasters,
White Dwarflings and future Warhammer-Visionarys gather around, Babbling is
coming up. But first I have an official announcement to make: This is a pure
hobby blog (focus on hobby progress, products and techniques) and...

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Quick tip: non-permanent painting-handle connection
Hold on to
your interwebs boys and girls, Here goes a
cheap trick, cheap literally. I always worried: How do I connect my minis to my

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Addendum Repose: Miranda
Waka waka
waka my little ghosts, Or in other
words: good evening. While I greened up my Miranda Ashcroft model I decided to
repose her sl...

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Might as well call this a basing-blog
basically, Here’s to
quickly share my opinion on the bases Corvus Belli is providing in their newer
kits. And to cover a new Base d...
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