Just thought I'd share, been testing Samsung Evo+ 64gb SD card in TWRP, flashing backing up and restoring. Results were very bad. Error messages 255, disappearing zip files. Conclusion: straight back on my SanDisk extreme, never buying a Samsung SD card again. LG g3 d855 never a problem with TWRP or sandisk
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Lol... And I will never own another SanDisk product, 3 SD cards in as many months, and I had a 240gb SSD drive that failed, and was replaced twice in 2 monthes before they upgraded it to an "enterprise" grade drive, and that lasted 6 months.

I've replaced all these with Samsung cards and OCZ SSD drives and that was the spring/summer of 2015, all are still going strong. 
Happends the same to me... annoying.. and i only have 32gb of internal storage and dont wanna spend it on backups..(except nvdata and nvram)
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