Ophidian Horror (Giant Snake)
Slithering Coils
Enormous Fangs
+6 physique, +5 fight, +4 stealth, +3 provoke, +2 will, +1 Notice
Fixating gaze (Once per target, gain +2 to create the aspect “paralyzed in fear”)
See Body Heat (Fight normally in pitch darkness)
Constriction (When a victim is “trapped in coils,” you may attack them with physique)
Fangs and Coils (Can take two actions if one is constricting a target “trapped in coils”)

Encountered in the pitch dark of the deepest catacombs, this monster is giving the PCs a real challenge--they just lured some enemy guards into it's attention and slipped into the treasure room while it was busy. What happens next session when it's done with the guards? Great fun!

#swordandsorcery #monster #conanthebarbarian  
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