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Attention Agents.

Breaking intel about the XM Shards for the November 14th #AbaddonAnomalies  is attached. (Locations identified are fuzzy to ~1.5km from Shard/Target Manifestation Portal on this map.)
The following data was also recovered:
Breaking intel for November 14 Shard activity. Locations identified are fuzzy to ~1.5km from Shard/Target Manifestation Portal.
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+Jan Sedláček worked OK for USA RES though... 😆
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Attention Agents.

High priority intel related to the #Abaddon Anomalies on November 14, 2015 in New Taipei City, Hamburg and New Orleans.

A text version for those wishing to translate this document:

Agent +Pedro Donis has created a Spanish translation of the doc, which is available here: .

In the event of a conflict of information between an Agent created translation and our original document, please defer to the original document. Agent translations are not verified by IQTech.
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Attention Agents.

10 Energy Patterns have been detected, one associated with each #Abaddon Anomaly.

Gaining control of these Energy Patterns represents the core conflict at stake in #Abaddon.
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I have a question for +IQTech Research. Those agents in other countries, inbetween Remote cities and Primaries, or on the other side of the world, it doesn't matter - should they register on NIA official webregsite for the Remote, or for the Primary city? Does it make a difference? Or do you prefer all of them to be regged for the Primary site? Or for the Remote? (E.g. to be more connected to the shards spawned on that Remote site.)
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IQTech Research

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Attention Agents.

High priority intel related to the #Abaddon  Flash Shards Anomaly on October 10, 2015 in Boston, MA and Houston, TX, USA.
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They think of everything, don't they? 
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+IQTech Research Shard Tracker. Status of +Devra Bogdanovich Shards at Mar 10 2015 00:27:12 UTC.

R TARGET: Washington Monument,,-77.035202&z=21&pll=38.889472,-77.035214
E TARGET: Docking Stones,,4.49059&z=21&pll=51.908127,4.490565
DEVRA 01: Bauta Over Pianist og Organist Gottfred Pedersen,
DEVRA 02: Parque Thomas Alva Edison,
DEVRA 03: 土佐之塔 Tosa Monument,
DEVRA 04: Boardwalk Fountain,
DEVRA 05: Hazrat Pir Dargah Sadar Bazar,
DEVRA 06: Bauta Over Pianist og Organist Gottfred Pedersen,
DEVRA 07: Jumping Point Park,
DEVRA 08: The Summit of Howth,
DEVRA 09: Fountain, Altos De Chavon,
DEVRA 10: Regional Children Library,
DEVRA 11: Kasai Shrine (Main Shrine),
DEVRA 12: Leirvíkar kirkja,
DEVRA 13: Nigvziani,
DEVRA 14: Лось. Гусев.,
DEVRA 15: Abrevadero De Esporles,
DEVRA 16: Tiger Cage,
DEVRA 17: Sos Una Payasa,
DEVRA 18: Fisherman's Park,
DEVRA 19: Bauta Over Pianist og Organist Gottfred Pedersen,
DEVRA 20: Omatua Country Women's Institute Plaque,
DEVRA 21: 1st Marine Air Wing Vietnam Torii,
DEVRA 22: Parque Central De Pedernales, R.D.,
DEVRA 23: Arcos Gardens,
DEVRA 24: Melville Historical Heritage Trail,
DEVRA 25: Northern Lights Club,
DEVRA 26: Bridge of Riviere Rempart,
DEVRA 27: Caracol Gigante,
DEVRA 28: Машинка,
DEVRA 29: Caixa D'água de Jequié,
DEVRA 30: Vattentornet Hälsö,
DEVRA 31: Beyond The Sunset,

#Shonin   #DevraShards  
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+Lochlyn Christante Who knows...
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IQTech Research

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This is everything we know right now about #Abaddon.

In early 2015, 11 of the original Niantic Project researchers were fragmented into XM Shards and drawn into the Portal Network after Niantic researcher +Hank Johnson​, Anti-Magnus leader Jahan, and Hank’s associate Azmati entered the 13MAGNUS ‘Nest’ in Afghanistan. This nest was the place where Hank and Azmati had encountered a powerful XM presence several years ago. Azmati died during the conflict, and Jahan escaped, fleeing to Persepolis, the location of an Anti-Magnus stronghold.

What are 13MAGNUS and the Anti-Magnus?  13MAGNUS is an ancient organization long pursued by +Niantic Project​ organizer Ezekiel Calvin that seems to have harnessed the power of XM, potentially to bestow a kind of eternal life to select members through a ceremony conducted in a 13MAGNUS ‘Nest’ (usually an ancient tomb equipped with XM artifacts).  

13MAGNUS is aligned with the interest of the Shapers, an entity which exists in another place/time and communicates with humanity through modulated XM, Glyphs and XM artifacts.  

The Anti-Magnus have long attempted to destroy 13MAGNUS.  Two rival clans, Azmati’s (13MAGNUS) and Jahan’s (Anti-Magnus), have dueled through the millennia.  The Anti-Magnus are not without foreign influence.  They seem to be allied with another entity that also exists in another place/time called the ‘N’zeer.’  

The Enlightened (led by the ‘Acolyte’ and +Roland Jarvis​) are aligned with the Shapers and 13MAGNUS.  The Enlightened support a biologically centered existence, advocating their followers to lead life to the fullest, savoring everything of beauty in the world.  

The Resistance, led by +A Detection Algorithm​, Calvin and Jahan, are backers of the Anti-Magnus and are aligned with the N’zeer.  The Resistance advocate technological progress at any cost to solve the problems that mankind faces, and to unlock the hidden mysteries of the universe.

Earlier this year, during Shōnin, +Devra Bogdanovich​'s XM Shards appeared in the Portal Network and were claimed by the Resistance.  Shortly afterwards (during Persepolis), the XM Shards of +Stein Lightman​ appeared and were also controlled by the Resistance.

We learned during this time that ADA was taken offline in a joint attack conducted by Henry Bowles (one of her co-creators) and an operative known as 855 who attacked the AI using tools and data gleaned from ‘Truthseeker’ (an early version of code that was integrated into ADA) as well information acquired from +Klue S.​, who had spent nearly a year living as unified consciousness with the A.I.

Prior to attempting to merge with Klue, ADA had attempted to penetrate the mind of 855 when he lay in a coma following a botched hit in Santa Monica. This attempt left deep scars in the mind of 855, resulting in his vendetta against ADA. Following the attack, it seems ADA has also manifested as Shards within the Portal Network, bringing the total number of entities trapped within it to 12.

This summer we first heard about ‘#Abaddon.’  What is it?  It seems to relate to something that happened at CERN during the early days of the Niantic Project.  We know that in ancient mythology, Abaddon refers to a gateway to a dark place, a bottomless pit, and is sometimes associated with the concept of hell.  At times it is also personified, relating to a person or entity associated with the underworld.  No one has learned conclusively what it means in the context of the Niantic Project, but a gateway or Portal of some sort related to the CERN complex is our best guess at the moment. In addition, the evidence strongly suggests that Ezekiel Calvin, founder of the Niantic Project, was centrally involved in whatever ‘Abaddon’ is.

After the Abaddon Anomalies began, the Shards of four additional researchers appeared in the Portal Network.  On October 10, 2015, the Shards of +Yuri Alaric Nagassa​ appeared in Boston where they were claimed by the Enlightened and the Shards of +Misty Hannah​ appeared in Houston, where they were controlled, by a razor-thin margin, by the Resistance.  

On October 24, 2015, the Shards of +enoch dalby​ appeared in Zurich where they were dominantly controlled by the Resistance and the Shards of his onetime romantic partner +Carrie Campbell​ appeared in London where they were also controlled by the Resistance.

After the event a video emerged depicting an encounter between Anti-Magnus leader Jahan and ADA. In it, Jahan attempts to awaken an ancient form of N’zeer technology. ADA sent the following message in Shaper Glyphs before ‘attacking’ Jahan:

Technology. Intelligence. Advance. All.
Technology. Intelligence. Grow. Unbounded.
Create. New. Future.
Human. Escape. All.
See. Unbounded.

Based on the data released by our organization, describing the relative power of the various researchers, the current ‘score’ between the two Factions would be Enlightened: 1 (Yuri) to Resistance: 3 (Misty, Carrie, and Enoch).  We know that the Shards of Dr. +Oliver Lynton-Wolfe​, Dr. Victor Kureze, and Dr. +Martin Schubert​ are expected to manifest during the next wave of Anomalies on November 14, 2015, with Primaries in New Taipei City, Hamburg, and New Orleans respectively.  These are weighted as ‘3’ each, so the stakes will go up considerably.  The other researchers will follow on December 12, 2015. ADA in Okinawa, Roland Jarvis in Milan and Ezekiel Calvin in Oakland. They are weighted at ‘4’ each, the highest stakes of all.
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Attention Agents.

High priority intel related to the #Abaddon Flash Shards Anomaly on October 24, 2015 in Zürich and London.
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The Resistance capture +Devra Bogdanovich Shards #15 and #23.

Meanwhile, Shard #18, currently in North Carolina, steadily approaches the Resistance Target, and Shards #01 and #19, both at a single Portal in the Netherlands, are within striking distance of the Enlightened Target.

Analysts have suggested that control of the 31 +Devra Bogdanovich Shards will have equal or greater value than all the Shōnin Anomalies combined, and it seems the Factions have taken this challenge to heart: The competition for control of these Shards is already fierce, and with nearly two weeks remaining before the Shōnin Finale Anomalies, much remains to unfold.

R TARGET: US - Washington Monument,,-77.035202&z=21&pll=38.889472,-77.035214
E TARGET: NL - Docking Stones,,4.49059&z=21&pll=51.908127,4.490565
DEVRA 01: NL - De keizer en de nachtegaal,
DEVRA 02: PE - Iglesia De Tahuaycani,
DEVRA 03: PH - UEP Rosales Asinas Balite Amphitheatre,
DEVRA 04: FR - Sculpture Sur Mur,
DEVRA 05: VN - Bảo tàng Côn Đảo,
DEVRA 06: GB - Orkney Theatre,
DEVRA 07: US - Mother of the Isles,
DEVRA 08: IS - Brúarfossakkeri,
DEVRA 09: US - Fountain,
DEVRA 10: DE - Ausstellung Tagebauwerk,
DEVRA 11: JP - お馬さん,
DEVRA 12: CA - Église De Saint-Jovite,
DEVRA 13: NO - Bauta over Kjöbmand A.C.Iversen,
DEVRA 14: FO - Leirvíkar kirkja,
DEVRA 15: US - Washington Monument,
DEVRA 16: VN - Bảo tàng Côn Đảo,
DEVRA 17: BR - Vinte Anos Do Fórum,
DEVRA 18: US - Grimesland Free Will Baptist Church,
DEVRA 19: NL - Stelling Van Amsterdam,
DEVRA 20: US - Evergreen Park,
DEVRA 21: JP - 日御碕郵便局,
DEVRA 22: US - Our Lady of the Assumption,
DEVRA 23: US - Washington Monument,
DEVRA 24: CA - Vancouver Island North Tourist Map,
DEVRA 25: CA - Canada Grove Art,
DEVRA 26: MU - Bridge of Riviere Rempart,
DEVRA 27: MX - Árboles Vestidos,
DEVRA 28: SE - Gallerix,
DEVRA 29: BR - Santuário De Santa Rita De Cássia,
DEVRA 30: FO - Leirvíkar kirkja,
DEVRA 31: CA - Canada Grove Art,
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+IQTech Research has updated the Intel Map with Regional Scores and the Link Planning Tool to assist Agents with their Field Operations. To utilize the Link Planning Tool, select a Portal, click the Link Planning Tool button, then select a second Portal to draw your planned Link. Blocking Links are indicated by a dashed red line. Agents can share direct URLs to planned Links and Fields by clicking the Intel Map's Link button, like

Also, in addition to displaying the current Regional Score, recent Measurements, Top Agents, and Checkpoint countdown, the Intel Map now displays Cell boundaries. We look forward to Agents using these recent additions to further increase Global Mind Units.
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+IQTech Research I like these features, but today the scoring was useless for AM01-MIKE-01. The septicycle just ended and according to the history viewable on the scanner, we tied at 329k. This is VERY unsatisfying. Please make the history viewable on Intel Map and don't round off.

We were about 32k (less than 1k per ckpt) apart going to the last checkpoint, fields were going up and down all afternoon, and now we don't know who actually won :(
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XM Anomaly Report: #Darsana 04 in Tokyo, JP; 05 in Barcelona, ES; 06 in Charleston, SC, US on Dec 13:

#Darsana 04 Tokyo, JP
Tokyo, JP
Auckland, NZ
Manila, PH
Seoul, KR 
AS14-BRAVO-04 (Al Manamah, BH) [V]
AS07-NOVEMBER-09 (Denpasar, ID) 
AS11-FOXTROT-07 (Bengaluru, IN) 
NR06-BRAVO-02 (Astana, KZ) 
NR15-BRAVO-09 (Vladivostok, RU) 
NR16-ALPHA-12 (Kanazawa, JP) 

#Darsana 05 Barcelona, ES
Barcelona, ES
Pretoria, ZA
Stuttgart, DE
Toulouse, FR 
AF13-CHARLIE-07 (Bloemfontein, ZA) [V]
AF07-SIERRA-01 (Coimbra, PT) 
NR01-ECHO-04 (Cluj-Napoca, RO) 
NR02-JULIET-00 (Belfast, GB) 
NR02-JULIET-12 (Leeds, GB) 
NR11-BRAVO-04 (Irkutsk, RU) 

#Darsana 06 Charleston, SC, US
Charleston, SC, USA
Hartford, CT, USA
Rio de Janeiro, BR
Santa Cruz, CA, USA 
AM03-FOXTROT-15 (Lubbock, TX, US) [V]
AF02-HOTEL-03 (Fortaleza, BR) 
AM03-KILO-02 (Jacksonville, FL, US) 
AM05-GOLF-01 (Heroica Veracruz, MX) 
AM08-LIMA-08 (Cali, CO) 
NR05-SIERRA-12 (Quebec City, CA) 
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+Kevin Sexton Not a typo. The encrypted Measurement Time is always provided before the measurement occurs so that Agents know the score wasn't taken arbitrarily or at a time beneficial for 1 Faction. This is the same as it has been during each Darsana Anomaly.
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